Edgar Allan Poe

JD Brouns

Edgar Allan Poe was a writer and a troubled man because his mother died when he was little later in his life his wife died from the same disease and she died at the same age as his mother.
Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. His mother died from tuberculosis when he was only 2 years old his mother was 24 when she died. Poe went into a school in England for 5 years and he Learned Latin and French in his time there.
His wife died from the same disease as his mother and they both died at the same age I would say that his life was full of sickness and death for his loved ones.
Poe's first book was Tamerlane and other poems it was published in Boston and sold only 50 copies there are only 12 left in the world and can be sold for as much as 172,000 dollars.
Poe's most famous poem is the Raven it was published in New York on The Evening Mirror and he received only 15 dollars for his work. The book became more popular after his mysterious death.

after his wife died some of his books seemed to be about love dying like the book "The Tell Tale Heart" and "Murders in the Street".

Poe's death was mysterious because he was visiting his friends and was going to get re married some people think he died from rabies because of his medical files.