Latin America

Physical Geography

Panama is a fairly small country. it's only 29,119 square miles.

Panama's most famous physical features are the panama canal and the gulf of panama.

Panama's environment consist of many plants and animals including monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, pine trees, banana plants, and cacao trees.

Most of Panama's natural disasters and people environment interactions such as severe storms, forest fires, water pollution, and deforestation are caused by there warm tropical climate, agricultural runoffs, and loggers.

Human Geography

Panama's population is 3,608,431 people and the population density is 140.6 people per square mile.

Of these 3.6 million people most of them speak Spanish, are roman catholic, dress western, use balboas for money, and know how to read and write.

Panama's GDP $61.54 Billion and there GDP per capita is $16,500

Panama imports fuel, vehicles, medicine, and steel rods but exports gold, bananas, shrimp,sugar,iron, and steel.

Panamas main natural resources consist of shrimp, bananas, copper, the Mahogany Forest and hydro-power.