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January 9, 2022


Disney's mission is to educate students for life so every child acquires the knowledge and skills to succeed in school and beyond.


Together, stakeholders share the responsibility for students attaining academic and social, emotional success.

Everyone will cooperate in creating a safe and positive learning environment.

All students achieve academic excellence.

More learning makes dreams come true.

A Note From Dr. Elliott

Dear Families,

Happy New Year 2022! I look forward to many new adventures at Disney for this next semester and planning for the 2022-2023 school year. I want to thank you for all the families that spoiled our teachers and staff right before break. I received many nice cards, gifts and treats. THANK YOU for your kindness.

Masking Protocol Update

Here are the bullet points necessary to understand the change and will directly impact students/staff effective December 23. (Jan. 4 for students)

Updates to the district's plan include the following:

  • Masks will be optional. We will still have masks available for students/staff who choose to wear one. Federal mandate states masks must be worn on public transportation including school busses. This is a federal mandate. Please talk with your children about this if they ride the bus. Defiance on the bus, will result in a parent phone call or other consequences dependent on severity and prior referrals.
  • parents or guardians should continue to monitor students regularly for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Students and staff exhibiting symptoms of any illness must stay home until symptoms resolve and/or they are cleared by a medical provider to return.
  • COVID-positive students will continue to be excluded from school and school activities for 10 days.
  • Students who are identified as direct contacts of a COVID-positive individual will be notified; HOWEVER, they WILL NOT be excluded from school unless they are symptomatic.

Mission and Vision Work-Meet Dr. Elliott

Our mission and vision work for Disney will continue. I would like to hold a Meet & Greet on January 27 from 5:30-6:45 at our Disney Diner beginning at 5:30. We will hold a brief overview of needs, changes and future hopes. Shortly, after, there will be a community activity to gather parent input on Disney's progress. I would love to have 15-30 families participate. A light dinner of sandwiches will be provided. Please RSVP HERE. At this point, we do not have the means for child care. Please complete by January 20, 2022 if you plan to attend. The link will stop working once we have 30 participants. If we do not have 15 participants, I will reschedule another time.

Holiday Road Trip Music Production

We are pleased to share the holiday production with families. I wish I could publish online, but I cannot for copyright concerns. Please enjoy the wonderful hard work of Mrs. Tillery and our students. Mrs. Tillery put in hours of work on editing all the recordings together. We are lucky to have her! We hope you enjoy!

Holiday Road Trip

Weather Changes

Students will continue to go outdoors for recess unless the temperature and/or wind chill falls below 32 degrees. If temperatures fall between 20 and 32 degrees, students may go outdoors for activity for ten minutes. Anything below 20 degrees and/or wind chill, students will stay indoors. Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the season's temperature or are wearing their coats, hats and/or gloves.

Important Request for Parents!

If you have not completed the Free and Reduced Lunch form, we urge you do to so before January 11. Simply go to sps.org. Click on the Parents tab at the top. Choose Nutrition. Scroll down and look at the menu on the right side. Click on the Free/Reduced Meal Application. Even if you don't think you qualify, we ask that you follow the directions on the application by January 11.


Our free or reduced numbers are very low. This is mainly because breakfast and lunch are free for all students, so those who would normally qualify are not filling out the form. We just want our numbers to be accurate and reflect everyone in the district who qualifies.

Why is this a big deal?

If we don't get our numbers back up to where they should be, we are going to lose out on MILLIONS in federal funding. All students benefit from this funding. This covers money for technology and internet access, staff salaries, and also factors into funding when things like a COVID relief package is passed. This money will be redistributed to other districts, so we are just hurting ourselves by not having accurate numbers. The government determines how these funds are divided based on a districts free/reduced lunch rate. We just want ours to be accurate.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. The district is just going to miss out on funding that we normally have access to. We just want our numbers to be accurate based on who qualifies. We don't want this money going to other districts or states. We want our tax dollars to come home to Springfield from the federal government.

Get to Know Your Disney Family

Big picture

Mrs. Nari Adams 4th Grade Teacher

Meet Mrs. Adams

Mrs. Nari Adams has been a teacher with SPS for 23 years. She has shared her time at both Jeffries and Disney over the years. She is passionate about teaching because she is a life-long learner and looks for opportunities to grow as a professional. Mrs. Adams loves using what she has learned to help her students grow and love learning as well. Mrs. Adams states, "its fun to connect with students in such an important way!"

Mrs. Adams has been married to her husband, Jerry, for 25 years. They met in Colorado Springs, where Mrs. Adams grew up. Nari is a mother to three childred: Emma, 19, Elijah 15, and Elliott, 9.

Fun Facts About Mrs. Adams

Would you rather go hiking or join a book club with friends? Enjoy a book club with friends.

If you could meet one famous person, who would it be and why? "I would like to meet Kate Winslet because she is one of my favorite actresses. I think it would be fascinating to hear all about her life and experiences."

What else would you like to share?

Mrs. Adams has a hidden talent! She is REALLY good at game shows like Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right!

Some Words From Dr. Elliott

Mrs. Adams serves as a strong leader for the fourth grade team. With her years of experience and love for learning, Mrs. Adams can reach students in a traditional and non-traditional way of learning. She looks for student strengths and tries to build upon those strengths in her students. Mrs. Adams consistently models learning for her students and is not afraid to try new things to reach all of her learners. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Adams!

Big picture
Big picture

Meet Ms. Tammy Gott-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Tammy Gott serves as a Kindergarten teacher at Disney. She has been a teacher for 19 years in Higbee, Poplar Bluff and Springfield. Ms. Gott is passionate about teaching because she loves to watch students grow and learn. "The growth difference between the beginning of the year and the end of the year is so inspiring!" Tammy also loves teaching here at Disney. She enjoys watching the students grow through the grades and then teaching siblings. Ms. Gott shares, "The family connection is so rewarding!"

When Ms. Gott isn't teaching, she spends time with her two sons, Uriah and Jonah, and her daughter, Bethany.

Fun Facts about Ms. Gott

Would you rather read a book or go hiking? Go hiking

If you could meet one famous person, who would it be and why? "Tom Hanks, because I love his movies!"

A Note From Dr. Elliott

Ms. Gott is a ray of positivity and find the good in all things. She is consistently encouraging her students with patience, consistent feedback and celebration. Ms. Gott's classroom is busy with activity. Students are engaged in their learning and Ms. Gott is right in the middle with her students checking in on their progress. I appreciate Ms. Gott being the "marigold" that she is and glad she is part of the Disney team. Thank you Ms. Gott for your dedication and positivity.

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Free and reduced lunch forms due

PTA General Meeting @ 7 pm

Monday, Jan 17


Thursday, Jan. 20

Mission & Vision Meeting RSVP Due (see above in notes)

Thursday, Jan. 27

Mission & Vision Meeting @5:30pm

PBIS Parent Handbook

This is a working document. As we begin implementation, language and items are subject to change.