"Paul's Case" Literary Analysis

By: Lindsay Nahorney


The author uses a first person omniscient point of view to convey the feeling of Paul along with the feelings of those around him. This allows the reader to experience different aspects of Paul's character from many different perspectives. This picture shows the first person omniscient point of view accurately because it shows a boy (Paul) and that is the stories main focus.

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Although the setting takes place in many different areas it is primarily set in New York City. When Paul reaches NYC he realizes it is not as grand as he expected and he is somewhat disappointed. He begins to feel depressed because of he is not satisfied with everything around him including school, his parents, and New York. The image of New York City conveys Paul's ultimate dream. Soon he realizes it is just a dream and there is no place for such in his reality.
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Paul is depressed, self-destructive, and has addict like tendencies. He feels hopelessly alone and isolated from the people around him because no one can understand him. He is self-destructive because of his thoughts are preoccupied with death. He wonders if his father would one day regret not killing him. Paul uses art as a sort of drug which he is addicted to, he finds art as a way to escape from reality. The author often notes a darkness within Paul and the picture conveys to the feeling of loneliness, desperation, and darkness.
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The author uses a red carnation as a strong symbol in the story. The carnation represents the life Paul desires. A carnation is bright and flashy but also a cheap flower which represents the reality of Paul's dream. The life he wants is not really all that great. Burying the flower in the snow represents how Paul is leaving that part of his life behind but in a way is preserving that way of life because of the snow. The photo (although not read) shows the beauty and frivolity of the flower and the life Paul wants.
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The central theme of this short story is that the younger generation can no longer find happiness within themselves so they resort to trying to fill the gap with tangible objects still to no avail. Money was a huge priority to Paul because he felt like it was the key to all he desired which is why it is an accurate image.
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