Miss Nichols' Kindergarten

This Past Week

Whew! What a great, but long week for me and your students! They have been learning SO much!

We have been working on, standing in line, eating in a cafeteria, playing and working with others, and so much more!

Our letters and sounds this week:

  • c
  • o

Our sight word this week:

  • I

We have been working on numbers:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2

In math we have worked on sorting, graphing our birthdays, and working on our calendars and knowing what month we are in, days of the week, and patterns!

Next Week

We will continue to work on our guidelines and procedures. We will also start our classroom jobs!

In reading we are working our letters a and d, and our sight word next week is can.

In math we will be working on patterns and counting,

We had a special puppet presentation on Bullying!

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Most I have met already but I am Miss Nichols--your student's kindergarten teacher!

This is just to get to know me a little better! I am from Franklin so I have a little drive to work each day. This is my 3rd year at Southside and my 4th year teaching.

I love diet cokes, sushi, and ice cream! I play softball in the summer and fall and I coach 8th grade cheerleading at Central.

My favorite thing to teach is Reading. When students start to make sense that sounds go together to make words and they read for the first time--that is my favorite moment!


Please meet Miss VanCuren--your student's Teaching Assistant! I am so glad she is in our class this year! Here is a little about her!

I am a 2016 graduate from Columbus East High School. In school I played soccer, active in the Columbus Police Cadet program for two years, I was a choir and ISSMA state singer along with other activities.

I am from Ogillvile IN.

This is my first year at SouthSide and second year as a BCSC TA.

Some of my favorite things are sweet tea, sushi, horse back riding, fishing and teaching.

Behavior Color Chart



GREEN--where we start each day



We start each day on green. If we are making good choices; maybe sitting quietly and everyone else is talking, or showing that you are trying to help they can clip up for good choices. If they are making bad choices and have been warned (unless severe ie hitting) they clip down. If they get to red then you will be notified.

Also even if they have clipped down they can still clip back up--Sometimes we have a bad morning, but make it up in the afternoon. That is encouraged!