MST Weekly White Tiger

Week of September 11, 2017

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Yes, they are! Let's make it a GREAT week!

Who's on Duty This Week?

Library - 2nd grade

Gym - 4th grade

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Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday to all our September birthdays!

2nd - Ms. Leppke

5th - Mrs. Harmon

11th - Mrs. Robertson

13th - Mrs. Price

19th - Mrs. Sandoval

21st - Mrs. Larkin

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Make the Days Count!

I saw this on Twitter and realized it was a good reminder for me to focus more on making the days count than counting down the days. How will YOU make the days count this week?!

Important Reminders for This Week

November 11-15

Unit Assessments this week: 5th grade math - Whole Numbers

Monday, 9/11- Patriot's Day! (Wear jeans with red, white, and blue!) Be sure to watch the video of the read aloud that Mrs. Cross made for all students. She sent out an email last week with the link. It is Make a Difference Monday, so please choose 2 students who will write on the chart paper in the cafeteria about how they will make a difference; All tutoring invitations go home today; Helena & Emily at CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training) from 1:00-4:00; Helena in TPESS BOY Conference from 4:00-5:15.

Tuesday, 9/12 - Progress notices go home today to students who are failing; Helena out half day in morning; Emily at Region 10 training all day; 5th & 6th grade in iTeam planning 3:20-3:50

Wednesday, 9/13 - Helena at REV all day (REV-is one of the monthly required principal meetings for those of you who are new! REV stands for relationships, excellence, and vision); Lesson plans due in Drive by 5:00 pm

Thursday, 9/14 - RtI Team at first team RtI meeting from 1:00-4:00

Friday, 9/15 - Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kick-off Assemblies in cafeteria; K-2 8:30-9:00 and 3-6 9:15-9:45; Tutoring rosters due to Yeager by 3:30

See the very bottom of the newsletter for events on the horizon. Make sure that you are checking the MST Important Events calendar in Drive. As we plan to continue to set dates, we are making changes often and will not send an email about each one until we get more of a set calendar! Thank you!

Grade Level Meeting Focus

There will not be grade level meetings with Emily or me this week. I know that you will be collaborating with your team and specialists for instructional planning this week. Remember to always have the 4 Critical PLC Questions at the forefront of your minds!
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TTESS Tidbit

All those who are evaluated under TTESS and have access to True North Logic - your Student Growth Goals and Professional Growth goals were due in TNL last Friday by 5:00 pm. Your appraiser will begin to check those as they should already be uploaded. We will be reviewing and meeting with all new staff for GSPD (TTESS Goal Setting and Professional Development) conferences. Remember, this year GSPD conferences are not required for everyone. If you would like to have a conference, please let your appraiser know.

(Paraprofessionals and support staff received a paper form for goal setting and those were also due to your appraiser last Friday.)

Soon, we will begin conducting formal walkthroughs in TNL. The walkthrough form has changed this year, and I am supposed to be getting more information about this at REV on Wednesday. Emily and I will update you and go over this in more detail soon! :)

A Message From Mrs. Skinner with XPlore

Please forward any parent communication to me regarding changes in transportation home/anticipated absences if your student regularly attends XPlore. I can reply to the parent directly to remind them to CC me on future emails. Thank you!

Students must report to the café for attendance/check-in by 3:00 each day. If you have a request for student help (class job, etc), please email me directly so I am aware and can gain parent permission. Students can check in and then return to you for their job. It’s an XPlore program policy that students may not assist staff during program hours without parent permission. Thank you for your support!

Staff Shout Outs!

Mrs. Abdo for being so flexible with a last minute training!

Ms. Romes for trying a new app with her students last week!

Mrs. Menifee for beginning "Thoughtful Thursdays" with her students to focus on a Growth Mindset!

Ms. Daniel for planning and implementing an awesome Be the Change for our 6th graders!

Mrs. Larkin and Mrs. Newhouse for taking personal time to ensure a successful Be the Change for our 6th graders!

Mr. Ring, Mrs. Burns, and Mrs. Burney for being rock star long term subs and ensuring that our students have a strong foundation of learning before their teachers return!

Ms. Singer for being an encouraging and energetic Spirit Run coordinator! We have the biggest group signed up this year with over 25 staff members! Woot-Woot!

All of our staff members who served hot, fresh bread at our Spring Creek Spirit night!

Mrs. Delgado for encouraging and supporting one of our students and celebrating his successes!

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Tweet All About It - Tell Our Story!

Twitter really is an awesome thing! It's an incredible way to not only learn new, cool ideas from fellow educators, but it is an AMAZING and easy way to tell our story about what incredible things that are taking place at our school each day! As I visit classrooms, often I will tweet about something that I saw that I want to share with my followers on Twitter. I highly encourage you to do the same about what is happening in your classroom and around our school. If you don't have a Twitter account, you are missing out! Open an account and follow our school at @MSTMAGNET and me at @Hlopez1022! Several of our very own MST teachers and staff have already been retweeted by Dr. Stone!

Tutoring Begins

Monday, Sep. 18th, 3:15pm

450 Abrams Road

Richardson, TX

Red Folder Meetings Grades 1-6 (progress check)

Tuesday, Sep. 19th, 8am

450 Abrams Road

Richardson, TX

During planning in the ESL room

$Pay Day$

Wednesday, Sep. 20th, 8am

450 Abrams Road

Richardson, TX

College Day & Staff Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 21st, 3:15pm

450 Abrams Road

Richardson, TX

Wear jeans and college shirt!

Staff meeting at 3:20 in Library

Fall Class Pictures and Staff Picture

Friday, Sep. 22nd, 7am

450 Abrams Road

Richardson, TX

Staff photo is at 7:10 am out front