Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 28, Thursday August 30 2018

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to those of you who took the time to give us feedback through our online survey around codes of conduct, behaviour management and bullying. We are currently collating the data and are finding your feedback useful in writing our whole school Essential Agreement.

Your support and thoughts are always helpful, and often give us insightful information about how your children feel.


Behind bullying behaviours

There are many reasons why children engage in bullying behaviour. Dr Lyn O’Grady, National Project Manager at KidsMatter, speaks about the risk factors in the life of a bully and some intervention strategies for engaging their families.

What are the main risk factors and difficulties we can associate with children who bully?

This is an area that we still have debates about. The complexity of bullying behaviours in various circumstances makes it really difficult to understand. There are a range of theories, including bullying as something that’s learnt, ideas about power imbalances, and even genetic links to violence. In many cases, when a child finds that bullying works for them, they are more likely to continue to do it. In my view, children can turn to bullying when they:

  • experience difficulties with their social, emotional or communication skills and are trying to get their needs met from family or community;

  • decide to fight back in response to being bullied themselves, particularly if they feel that nothing else is working for them;

  • gain a sense of control and reward from bullying, which enhances their self-esteem and perceived social standing (this is particularly the case when children have limited capacity for empathy and tolerance of others);

  • have an emerging mental health disorder, such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder (in which case bullying is part of a bigger issue).

See Dr Lyn O'Grady in the KidsMatter bullying video resource for primary schools.


Our carnival is on Monday! This is the highlight of the program where the children get to enjoy a fun day filled with races to showcase their swimming skills. Letters will be coming home with further information regarding the carnival but so you are aware the times are as follows:

Monday 3rd September

Y3 to Y6 - 9:30am - 12.00pm. Buses depart school at 9:00am and return at 12:45pm.

F to Y2 - 1:00pm - 3.00pm. Buses depart school at 12:30 and return by 3:30pm.

Thanks to those of you who are able to help on the day.


HELP HELP HELP… Sunday 9th September! We are setting up the stage for our whole school concert – any help would be very much appreciated! Come along to the Roger Beech Hall at 10am.


The Literacy CAFE System provides teachers with a way to maximise children’s understanding of the four key components of successful reading through the use of the CAFE Menu. CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary. In each of the four areas, there are strategies which are explicitly taught to help the children develop their reading skills.

One of the most powerful elements of the program is enabling children to learn what a ‘Good Fit’ book is and what that means to them as a learner. The strategy is:

‘Read appropriate level texts that are a good fit’

Children are taught to use the Five Finger Check, which helps to identify if the book they are reading is a Good Fit text. Children read a page of the book and every time they come to a word they don’t know they put a finger up.

1 finger: Easy

2 fingers: Just right

3 fingers: A little bit hard but it could be fun to try

4 fingers: Difficult to read (try reading with your parents or friends)

5 fingers: Too difficult for now – save this for next year.

Have a great weekend,

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday August 31 - Father's Day Stall

Monday September 3 - Swimming Carnival

Thursday September 6 - Foundation Hearing Screening & Bring it Breaky

Friday September 7 - Y5/6 Basketball Round Robin (selected students)

Sunday September 9 - Concert Dressing the Stage Working Bee

Wednesday September 12-Thursday September 13 - School Concert

Tuesday September 18 - Story time

Friday September 21 - Term 3 ends at 2:30pm & Footy Colours Day

Student of the Week

FS - Fiona Z

FT - Connor W

1B - Miranda C

1H - Bianca H

2C - Charlie W

2N - Lauren B

3M - Campbell K

4G - Levi S

4O - Ethan B

5D - Shannyn Y

5H - Fiona Y

6CM - Sayuren P

6L - Luke N


It is nearly September! All months of the year with an “R” in the name are the months that students must wear HATS.

If you require a new hat for your child, you can purchase one from our Uniform Shop. The Uniform Shop hours are Monday 3:00pm—4:00pm and Thursday 8:30am—10:00am.

Uniform orders with payment can be dropped at the office and Sam will have items delivered to your child/ren’s classrooms.

The Little School on the Hill

Are you available to help “The Little School on the Hill”?

Can you help us with costumes, ushering, or backstage work?

If you’re available on Wednesday or Thursday night for a small job it would be most gratefully appreciated!

Let us know at the office, or catch Michelle on the playground before or after school.

Thank you!

Everything I know about “The Little School on the Hill”


  • Ticketed concert performances will be the evening of Wednesday September 12 and a matinee and evening on Thursday September 13.

  • Cast division is as follows:

    • Cast A - Matinee Thursday, Evening Thursday

    • Cast B - Dress Rehearsal Monday, Evening Wednesday

  • Matinee starts at 2:00pm and Evening starts at 6:30pm.

  • In the evening shows, please have your child/ren here at 6:00pm if they are in the first act. If they are in the second act, please have them here at 6:30pm.

    • First act: Architects (Y5), Politicians (Y6), Demolitions (Y1 and Y4)

    • Second act: Builders (Y3), Tools (F), Movers (Y2)

  • Collect your child immediately following the performances from their classroom - please check in with their teacher so we can ensure they are safe.

  • The performance will be around an hour long.


  • Class groups have a black/dark base costume - please send this in to school as soon as possible to be checked in. Please see the costume list below.

  • The cast (actors with speaking parts) have a separate costume list - send these items to school also.

  • Costumes will stay at school until the final performance.

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

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Help Us Stop the Poaching of Black Rhinos

Oh no, not the Black Rhino!

The Black Rhino is endangered because of ivory hunting. Please stop buying products made out of ivory as it is hurting and killing the rhinos.

So double check to see if any products such as chess pieces, piano pieces or jewellery are made out of ivory before you buy them.

Thanks for helping us save the Black Rhinos!

Ruby H and Mia V, 2C

PFA News

Committee Members:

President: Vanessa Cowley

Vice President: Katrina Battle

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

Secretary: Kylie Touloupis

Communications: Eva Conley

General Members: Fiona Crellin, Jason Van Lint, Elle Delmee, Mark Havas, Lisa Jacobson, Anny Murray, Wendy Douglas, Janneke Storteboom, Leanne Knight

Father’s Day Stall - 31 August

Items ranging from $1 - $10

The morning positions have been filled, thank you! We still have a few spots open for the 11.30-1.00pm time slot.

So, join us and watch your little people purchase a gift for their special someone. It’s a joy to watch and a highlight on the Parkhill Calendar. Follow the link

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Father’s Day Stall Wrapping Bee

Thank you to Lisa, Leanne, Georgia, Sumi, Des, Kylie and our littlest volunteer Nikita for your help at the Wrapping Bee. Your generosity with time has guaranteed a successful Father’s Day Stall for our Parkhill Community.

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