May 2016

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic! (and Science!!)

We have been doing some exciting things in Kindergarten! The reading groups have expanded into new material and all our readers have shown such growth! They are excited to pick out words they know, and to find whole passages that they can read to each other! In writing, we have expanded into different forms of writing, and each child has gotten to write their own How To stories, as well as helping write our daily class messages! Math has gotten even more interesting, as we have introduced + , -, and =. The word problems have been no problem at all for these Kindergarteners! We are working now on using the symbols properly and making up our own stories! We continue to work with 3D shapes and measurement, as well. Science has meant the daily exploration of weather, along with reporting (in Fahrenheit!!) the temperature, and checking out clouds, thermometers, and patterns in weather.

We learned about Earth Day!

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We practiced safety and good listening!

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We have been doing group lessons with Miss Becky (Speech) and Miss Kelly (OT) to improve our listening skills and our ability to follow two and three part directions.

We learned how to write a How To story, along with transition words.

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We wrote our own morning messages (instead of the teacher!!)!

We continued to create our own artwork (this one ala Eric Carle, the great children's book author/ illustrator), to improve our small motor skills!

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And, just had fun with our friends! Social time is so important, in order to develop those skills like improved language, taking turns, working together, and problem solving.

Coming up ...

We have a class trip this Friday, May 20th! Please send your child with a disposable snack that day, which we will take with us on the bus. The class trip should be from 8:30am until approximately 12:30pm. Any questions, just email us :)