Michael Vey The prisoner of cell 25

By Richard Paul Evans

A young teen's way of life of the future

Michael Vey is a teenager and is 14 years old and goes to Meridian High school in Idaho and is living with tourette's Syndrome. Life struggles but he overcomes obstacles and hardships. "it's my secret and it's part of the story I'am going to tell you" (Richard Evens)

Friends and Family history

Family friends and school

Michael has lots of friends but first his mom she works as a waitress at a diner and is a hardworking mother and is only parent for her son. Ostin is long time friend of Micheal's and is a eater but he does keep Michael' Secret ability safe He eats and eats he also does a hobby called clogging and it's like tap. One wierd thing is that Ostin likes Michael's mom. Finally is Taylor she is a cheerleader and Michael has a crush on her and becomes popular very quickly.


I suggest this book ten out ten because if you like action and suspense this book is for you it is a nonstop page after page book. Some of us like Action and adventure if your craving something to sink your brain into Michael Vey Prisoner of cell 25 .