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Week of September 13th

Hi Conway #OneFamily!

Welcome back to another week at Conway! Time sure is flying and we are finally starting to get into a groove! We hope you find this newsletter rested and rejuvenated, ready to take on a new week. Here are the big topics for the week:

Top News for this week:

  • Need a Coat for the Winter: I know the weather right now is far from us needing a winter coat...but that weather is coming sooner than later. If your child is in need a winter coat and you cannot afford one, please fill out this survey. SCPS is working with a variety of organizations to be provide your children one at no cost. Just fill out the form at this link.
  • An Evening to Talk about Our Kids' Social Emotional Health: You are invited to attend a virtual workshop focused on supporting the social emotional health and well-being of our students. The virtual workshop addressing mental health awareness and crisis prevention topics will be conducted by nationally renowned crisis prevention and response trainer, Cheri Lovre, and will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, and Wednesday, September 15, 2021, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Please visit to register. Flyer is also attached to the email this newsletter was sent via.
  • We Need Your Help: We would love to hear from you where you as a family need the most help in supporting your children. We would like to offer parent workshops, family learning experiences, and also services for our students' Social Emotional Learning here at school. We would like to hear from YOU. Please click on this link to fill out a very short, secure, survey. Thank you greatly.
  • Ways to Help People In Our Community: Below, I have listed two different ways your family can help people in our great community through some very challenging times in their lives.

I know that Saturday was a very emotional day for so many that witnessed, served, or responded on 9/11 twenty years ago. For those who have served in Afghanistan or Iraq over the past 20 years, I can only imagine that these recent events have to evoke significant emotion as well. While I am only a civilian and have no comprehension of what any of you experienced on that day or during your deployments, please know we are humbled and grateful to be able to serve you and your family. We were able to celebrate the greatness of our Nation on Saturday and mourn all that has been lose as well because of YOU. Our freedoms and rights are all possible because of the sacrifices that each of you make. We are thankful for you and your family and again, it is an honor to serve your family.

Thanks for your support and for being a part of our Conway #Onefamily!


JR :)

P.S. Our Weekly Morning Announcements are below. We will show these in class, but would like for parents to be able to see as well :)

CENN 9 13 21

Additional Information

  • Specialists Newsletter: Wonder what is going in in PE, Music, Library, Art, and STEM? Click HERE to find out :)
  • Ways to Help Families in Our Community:

    Marine Corp Captain:
    We have a family at Conway that live with their grandma and grandpa. Grandpa is a Marine Corp Captain. They are in great need of a ramp to help grandpa get in and out of their home. Deborah from the incredible nonprofit, Manarc, right here in Fredericksburg, is making the ramp and much more happen for the family. To help support this ramp financially, please consider donating at this link: Make sure to include in the comments - Marine Corp Captain. All donations will go directly to this family. If you know anyone that would be willing to donate lumber for this project, please reach out to me. I have a supply list and would love to talk. Funds not spent on the ramp will go to other vital home improvements for the home.

    Families coming from Afghanistan:
    Many families from Afghanistan are already arriving safely in the area fortunately. They have left everything they own for the safety of their family here in America. Like the many families right here at Conway, these families have supported the American military over the past 20 years and have been given Visas to escape the Taliban. They are literally starting life completely over. As they settle, we will find other ways to support, clothes, etc. However, one way that Catholic Charities is requesting help that is simple, yet powerful are gift cards. If you feel inclined to support these incredible people, please see the information below on how to donate gift cards. You can send them directly to Catholic Charities or you can send them to my attention. I will hand them directly to Christy Escher, one of the leaders of CC.

Store Gift Cards - Gift cards for Target, Walmart or Safeway are welcome! We distribute these cards to families so that they can purchase personal items, household needs, and groceries. (suggested denominations, $25 or $50) – Mail/drop cards to MRS/Catholic Charities,

80 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203 | office: 703.520.4011, ATTN: Lourdes Iglesias

For further ways to help support these families, join their Facebook group at this link.

PTA News

  • Elections: We are looking for some amazing volunteers out there who are willing to help lead our PTA. If you are interested or wish to nominate someone, please email Becky Machleit at or me. If you are just thinking about it, please reach out to us. We would be glad to discuss the positions with you. Elections will take place at our second PTA meeting in September.
  • Please Join the PTA: Our PTA is incredible but they need YOU. Please consider joining at There are some perks as well besides just helping out Conway. You can also find the flyer attached.

Meal Services

How to Translate Smore

  • How to Translate Smore newsletters: If you would like to translate this newsletter into another language, please click on these links for directions on how to do that. Directions in English click here. Directions in Espanol click here. Directions in Pashto click here . Directions in Dari click here.

Community Resources

  • Food Pantry: Every Tuesday behind St. George's Church (downtown Fredericksburg) from 12-2 pm they provide free fresh produce donated from local farms. In addition, families/individuals can obtain dairy products, bread, and meats - all for free. But you must arrive early to get these limited items. The Fred bus stops at the church. Click Here for more details:
  • FredFoodVA: Download this App to locate all of the food resources in the area.

  • Family Resource Access Line - This free communication tool helps provide equitable access to SCPS resources. Families may leave a message for translators in seven native languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, French, Pashto, Spanish, and Urdu. Translators will return your call in 2 business days. To access this service, please call (571) 492-9270.
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