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Stocks Plummet to all-time lows in the span of a week

Many investors believed that the stock market would continue to rise forever. However, this does not seem to be the case; as of last week, the stock market not only dropped, but plummeted to all time lows, with a 12.8% loss on the 29th alone. It’s believed to have dropped so low due to millions of stocks being sold in one day by panicked stock holders. Experts speculate the prices will continue to drop.

The crash began on Thursday, October 24 where stocks began rapidly declining and bankers attempted to stabilize them. On Monday, October 28 the stock market fell 22%, breaking all previous records. On Tuesday, October 29 many investors hurried to sell their stocks.

The last time the market crashed was in March, after the Federal Reserve warned that excessive speculation was dangerous. Then, New York's National City Bank pledged $25 million dollars to fix the crash. However, the crash that occurred then was significantly smaller than the drop in stock prices that is occurring presently.

The stock market also fluctuated wildly in September following an ominous speech by economist Robert Babson, who warned of a coming crash.. This happened shortly after the market hit an all-time high, and signaled the beginning of the current economic crisis.

If the current economic trends continue the they are, it could bring high unemployment rates and national or even international economic ruin. however, many bankers believe that the worst is over and that it is again safe to invest in the stock market.

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Speakeasies still not dealt with, bootleggers rampant

When the 18th amendment was passed, it was expected to lower the alcohol consumption rate of america to as close to 0% as possible. however, it has not been completely successful, with illegal bars called "speakeasies" popping up across the country and selling moonshine, or illegal homemade alcohol. speakeasies often play music and allow youths and older adults to dance and enjoy themselves while they drink, or perhaps allow them to listen to one of many radio shows. they also often have safety measures in place to keep authorities from catching them, which seems to be at least partially successful.

it is not known exactly how many speakeasies there are in the country, however the numbers are estimated in the hundreds nationwide, being supplied by bootleggers who have set distilleries up out of the public eye in an attempt to get rich illegitimately. the police have been cracking down on these criminals when they can.

Wall Street Weekly does not approve of speakeasies or illegal drinking.

Editorial section + Political Cartoon

The Editor's Opinions Regarding over-frivolous youth

Remember when teenagers listened to their parents, young women didn't wear such revealing clothing, and nobody was sitting on flag poles? i certainly do, and i miss the times when you could expect a young adult to act like an adult instead of a slightly more mature adolescent. It seems irresponsible for both men and women alike to go out dancing every chance they get. This, combined with the "flapper" trend that is sweeping the nation and casual dating worries me for the future of this country. How can these young men and women lead our country in the coming years if they can't act like mature adults now?

what’s with all the fads gaining popularity with the kids, such as sitting on flagpoles for as long as possible, dance marathons where a couple dances for hours with no break, and the like? The former seems like a complete waste of time and energy, and the latter would be as well if not for cash prizes. Am I out of touch, or is it the youths that are wrong?

The board game that has become popular as of late, "Mahjong," is fun however, so perhaps the youths aren't all wrong. i suppose i'm just being cynical of a new generation; it doesn't really matter if they are frivolous, as long as they can be responsible too.

a cartoon regarding the recent stock market crash

this simple cartoon summarizes Thursday of October 24 - Tuesday of October 29.