Human Rights Violations in China

By: Matthew B.

About the human rights violations,

All throughout China, many human rights are being violated by the government and other political leaders. By violated, I mean that many of the things that human rights would allow them to be able to do or not are being violated or taken away by China's government. An example of these violations is the right to life; there is currently a One Child Policy in a China which only allows each couple to have one child. This policy makes it so that no kids in China can have any siblings and must live as an only child. Although some know that it must be, others know how this violates their rights and want to do something about it.

Other Human Rights that are being violated,

It was said by commoners that, “Most China watchers seem to have always taken for granted that the policy was a necessary evil” (GS, 1) meaning that China has way too many people as it is. This may be true but China is violating the human right to life by not allowing more human beings to come to this earth or stay once they have come. If Hu won't, then we can, Let's do all we can to make a difference!

Help China earn Human Rights!!!

Find out ways that you can help all of China on their road to end the one child policy! Want to see chinese kids like the one shown finally get the chance to have a brother or sister? If so, find out how you can help TODAY, Everyone's doing it!