Russia Federation

If the State Duma within three months again expresses distrust Government
of the Russian Federation, President of the Russia Federation dissolve of the
Government Russian Federation or dissolve the State Duma.
Institutions of the legislative branch: the Federation Council, the State Duma.
Institutions of the executive branch: the Government of the Russian Federation.
Institutions of the judicial branch: Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, Supreme Court of Arbitration.

The executive power - the power of law enforcement, which is assigned the function of parliamentary law enforcement (3578 organizations).
Legislature: Federal Assembly consists of two chambers - the Federation Council and the State Duma. Legislature also includes Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation (82 organizations).
Judiciary: Judicial power is exercised by means of constitutional, civil, administrative and criminal proceedings. The judicial system of the Russian Federation established by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal constitutional law (2643 organization).