the real ivan

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The Real Ivan

I thought in the one and only ivan was heart breaking because in the story Ivan's family was killed in the jungle. Why I think it's heart breaking because Ivan's family got killed by humans.And also in the story mack tired stella out and her foot was hurting and was bleeding.And in that part was really sad to me because she had to get buried.Also it was heart breaking when ruby had to be in that domain by herself with no body. It was tragic because everything was happening in a short amount of time when George got fired because of the message Julia and him found out Ivan wrote and both wanted to let Ivan and ruby to go to a zoo and not stay in the big top mall. So then there were protesters fighting for ruby and Ivan to be free. I said all this stuff because it was sad that Ivan and ruby and also bob had to go through this stuff,because with stella.And also trying to say there good-byes to Julia.And also when he got to the zoo he was worried a lot about ruby because ruby they were separated from each other. I thought Ivan had a tough time his life because of his family and his friend.And other things about him like going to a new place and trying to protect others and have a good life on another hand.He also live in a domain so also it is hard sometimes it's easy sometimes. This is why I thought this story was heart breaking and tragic to me and other things that were hard on them.