The HUG - Hello. Update. Goodbye.

A PBIS Tier II Intervention

Teacher/ Student Mentor Program

As a Tier II intervention, Irmo High School is in the beginning stages of implementing a student/teacher mentor program - Hello. Update. Goodbye (HUG). We would like to start with 50 students. Qualifications may vary from year to year however, for this school year, students will be recommended for participation. If you would like to recommend a student whom you believe needs additional support and guidance, please email me their name. Also, if you would like to be a mentor, please do the same. I will send you your packet of information with all details and instructions.

We have 20 students currently whom participated in our pre-study.

Self- Assessment - Complete by Wednesday - 3/13/13 by 5:00pm

The link = The code = 103543

Here are the instructions:


1. Go to the PBIS Assessment website at:

2. Click “Login” on the navigation menu at the top of the home page.

3. In the “School” tab; enter your six-digit School ID (account number).

4. Click on the blue “Login” button. You will be logged into your school’s PBIS Assessment account. (Proceed to the correct survey instructions.)

Completing the Self- Assessment:

5. On the “School Dashboard” locate the Self Assessment Survey that has been opened for your school. Click on the arrow in the Launch column to access your survey.

6. Begin completing the survey by selecting your occupation and then responding to each question.

7. There are four pages in the Self Assessment Survey. If the school staff member does not know an answer to a question use the “Don’t Know/NA” option. The “Don’t Know/NA” option can also be used for the Priority for Improvement answer if the item is Current Status is “In Place”. As each page is completed, click on the gray arrow at the bottom left.

8. At the end of the survey, you’ll receive a notice that your survey was submitted successfully.

9. Click on the X to leave the survey.

10. Click on “Logout” button on the top right corner of the page.