Alzheimers & Related Diseases Research Award Fund

Program Announcement


The Commonwealth of Virginia established the Award Fund in 1982 to promote research into Alzheimer’s and related diseases. Because of a commitment to program balance, the Fund encourages scientifically rigorous applications from a broad spectrum of disciplines. Studies may involve:

(1) the underlying causes, epidemiology, diagnosis, or treatment of Alzheimer’s and related diseases;

(2) policies, programs, and financing for care and support of those affected by Alzheimer’s and related diseases; or

(3) the social and psychological impacts of Alzheimer’s and related diseases upon the individual, family, and community.


The size of awards varies, but is limited to $45,000 each. Number of awards is contingent upon available funds.


Applicants must be affiliated with colleges or universities, research institutes, or other not-for-profit organizations located in Virginia. The Fund encourages partnerships between community-based agencies/facilities and academic institutions in Virginia.

Schedule: Ÿ

  • A non-binding Letter of Intent is due from prospective applicants by March 7, 2016. The letter must include a descriptive project title, contact information for the principal investigator, the identities of other personnel and participating institutions, a non-technical abstract, and a 4-5 sentence description of the project in common, everyday language for press release purposes. Letters on letterhead, with signature affixed, will be accepted electronically on the due date.
  • Applications will be accepted through the close of business April 1, 2016. Both a hard copy and an electronic copy are required. (The hard copy must be date-stamped by the carrier on or before the due date, and the electronic copy must be dated on or before the due date.)
  • Three qualified technical reviewers, one of whom is identified by the applicant in the application, will review proposals for scientific merit. The Awards Committee will make the final funding decision. Applicants will be notified of award decisions by June 24, 2016.
  • The funding period begins July 1, 2016 and projects must be completed by June 30, 2017.


Application forms, guidelines, and further information may be found at or by contacting:

Constance L. Coogle, Ph.D.

Virginia Center on Aging

School of Allied Health Professions

Virginia Commonwealth University

P. O. Box 980229

Richmond, Virginia 23298-0229

Phone: (804) 828-1525 E-mail:

For door-to-door delivery (FedEx, UPS or other hand-delivery),

the street address is 730 E. Broad St., 2nd Floor – Room 2088, Richmond, VA 23219