Texas Land for the taking!

By: Malachi Smith

What is here in Texas

Have you been trying to get immense amounts of land, for extremely cheap, and has never been even touched by a plow? Well here's your chance! Come on down to Texas and If you are a farmer get 4,428 acres of land, for only 12.5 cents an acre! Wow! That's a deal you can't pass up!

What the requirements are

First of all, you must be a Mexican Citizen, Second, you must become a part of a catholic church, and third of all, you must follow Mexican laws, and have no criminal record. Follow these requirements and Everything Texas has to offer is yours!

Where to meet and who

You must meet Stephen F. Austin in the Slappers saloon at sundown in Bexar, Texas, where you will be approved by the man himself to be a part of Texas!
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