Read Smore About Mrs.Miller's Class

By: Alexis,Estela, and Sydney

PARCC Testing by: Sydney

PARCC testing is a big test it goes on for 3 days. It is a state test and in the PARCC test their is math and reading you have 2 math test and you have 3 reading test so then you have 5 test in all. The test was so much fun.Like that no one was talking .If you were late to school you had to be in the office to wait for PARCC testing to be over . You got have more snacks at the end of the reading test. The reading test in the morning and the math test was at the end of the day. That is all about the PARCC testing.

Dr. Seuss by: Alexis

We learned about Dr.Seuss this past week. We learned about how he was born because his birthday was Monday. We read a biography about how he wrote the books. The book told how he wrote the books, his first One was And to Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street. Did you know that his real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel? He died in 1991.

Book Project by: Estela

Book project

We had no story this week because of PARCC testing.we got to choose our partners. You got to choose your book. You got to choose anamoto or kingsoft.We had to look for literary Elements like character,setting, plot conflict and solution.We also had to do author purposes and genre.It looked like everyone had fun doing the project.