CELLY'S Amusement Park

We have Great Fun for all age's

What we got

We have the best water slides and roller coasters in the world. We have a wide verity of rides.

The Necleolus speedster Rollercoaster

This roller coaster is scaled sized of a nucleolus it has the same look to a nucleolus Its a roller coaster that you command by speech. Just like a real nucleolus it tells your cells what to do.

The Ribosome is the name of the food station

This is where you can get your food like you can get your protein your meats and fries and other food . Just like a ribosome it makes it's protein.

mitochondria power house

At this station we have a place where you go in to this build and there are a bunch of different thing that you can use to test your strength and just like a mitochondria you will learn to become a powerhouse.

cell membrane trap

In this ride you stop the Bactria from going pass the finish line if it gets pass you lose and you restart. And just like a cell membrane you have tho stop the harmful bacteria from getting into the cell

cytoplasm play area

This is where you can unwind and let you children go play in the play area with lots of jungle gyms and monkey bars etc. just like a cytoplasm it keeps a reserved area for all of the chemical reactions and the organelles.

here is a video link to a video about cells