AVID Semester Exam

By: Stephanie Asadu 1-14-16 7th grade.

How did i grow as a student this semester?

This semester i did better than I thought I would in my first year of middle school. I thought I was going to be piled up with homework every night like my sister, but if i manage my time correctly and sufficiently then I will have time for other things. In the end I was satisfied with my grades.


I have never have been accurately organized. I've always been the stick in your binder and see it all the time when you don't need it but when you do need it you cant find it type of girl. I'm trying to be organized this year but with the time I have to hole punch it and put it in the rings i sort of stop being organized.

Binder Checks

I constantly suffer myself on Thursdays on the amount of stuff I have to fix for my Binder Checks the next day. Right after i go home and take a nap i already know to get out my hole puncher and some pencils because I"m constantly running out . I get down to work on my rings, planner, and pencil bag because you never know what kind of binder check your going to have.
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Public Speaking

I've always been astonishing at speaking publicly on interesting topics. This semester in AVID we talked about public speaking. It was way more then my usual just stand up there and go with the flow routine. I have to now do specific actions to make my speech worth your time. I actually enjoyed it though. I was "sight reading" a different type of public speaking.

Cornell notes

They say Cornell notes do you learn more. The process in writing Cornell notes is more complex then just regular notes . I'm talking about questions for new topics and a summary at the end of that subject talking about what you've learned.


We participate in a activity called tutorials. This is where you bring a problem your having for your lowest grade and present your problem to your tutorial groups. In order to be in valves in a tutorial session you much have completed a TRF (Tutorial request form) or she's going to sit you outside until you finish it.
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Next semester I will pay may attention in class because all my b's are 89s so one point higher and I'll be at an A. My Language Arts class and reading I need to ask for help if needed. I hope my grades will stay up again for thus semester.