Aerospace Engineering

By Noah Frohreich

Aerospace summed up!

Aerospace Engineering is the primary field concerned with air and spacecraft. It is broken into two major categories that are Aeronautical and Astronautical. One deals with inter-atmosphere, and the other with space.

Space, the Final Frontier...

I am very big into the idea of space, and with Aerospace Engineering, I could help to COLONIZE SPACE!!! I mean, who doesn't like that idea? Space is going to be the biggest step in the human race, and with so many possibilities to explore, it may take forever.

Aerospace Salaries

Right out of college, an Aerospace Engineer makes around $69,220. The top %10 make $150,000 upward. The median overall is $110,000.

Typical day

  • Creating a computer model of a vehicle or portion of a vehicle
  • Analyzing a computer model to determine its aerodynamic, structural, or thermal performance, or perhaps studying how well a component of the design integrates with another component or how easy it will be to assemble or maintain.
  • Testing a design using a computer simulation, a wind tunnel, or flight test to see how well it performs its intended purpose.
  • Designing software that controls how a vehicle flies or simulates its flight characteristics.
  • Performing trade studies to optimize a design and make it work better.
  • Attending meetings with engineers or managers to discuss progress reports, problems, or future plans.
  • Writing reports or making presentations on the status of your work.
  • Drinking coffee and catching up on your email.