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May 20th, 2021

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Dynamo Age Group Spring Splash This Weekend!

Good luck to all of our RAYS swimmers competing at the Age Group Dynamo Spring Splash Meet this weekend! Have FUN and swim FAST!

You can visit the meet page HERE to find all relevant information about the meet including Heat Sheets, Timelines, Seating Assignments, and Live Stream Links.

How To Be Fearless During The Main Set!

"No matter how committed we say we are with our goals, one of the big difference-makers between elite swimmers and average swimmers is how they tackle main sets.

Some swimmers just naturally don’t fear the hard sets.

They are willing to dive into the water and go full-tilt. No Sammy Save-Up. No playing it conservative. Straight-up swimming like their hair is on fire.

Katie Ledecky is such a swimmer."

To read more of this awesome article and learn how to implement in your training, read the article below:

Learn About NAIA With Coach Anna

Stingrays, check out this awesome video - produced by Coach Tom - featuring Coach Anna. Anna goes in-depth on her experiences swimming at an NAIA University and shares valuable insight to anyone that wants to explore the same path. Thanks, Coaches!
Coach Anna Lofton

Summer 2021 Practice Schedule

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Stingrays Summer 2021 Meet Schedule

Atlanta Classic - May 14th-16th - Ga Tech - National Group Only

Spring Splash 15&Over - May 14th-16th - Dynamo

Spring Splash 14&Under - May 21st-23rd - Dynamo

Stu Hixon Invite - June 25th-27th - MVAC

Coda Classic - July 9th-11th - Dynamo

AG State - July 15th-18th - Ga Tech - Qualify 14&Under

Senior State - July 23rd-25th - Athens - Qualify 15&Over