By Madelyn Steubing


The Karankawas lived in the costal plains region of Texas near the Gulf of Mexico.


The Karankawas were nomadic hunters and gatherers. They moved every few weeks to find more food. They ate fish, dear, plants, oysters, clams, rabbit, and turtles.


They lived in round thatch huts in good sized villages. They moved often.

Weapons or tools they used

The Karankawas used bow and arrows for hunting and warfare.


They participated in ceremonies called mitotes. These ceremonies included dancing. They also played competitive games to show their weapon skills. Wrestling was also very popular.

organization of leadership

A few families traveled in a band lead by a chief.

what has become of the karankawas

The Karankawas are extinct.

unique facts

  • The Karankawas form of transportation was a canoe.
  • They crafted pottery, baskets, and weapons.
  • Some people say they practiced cannibalism.
  • They had there own language called Karankawa.