B. Styliz Ortiz

Author & CEO of It's Faceless Magazine

Pretty Boy with HIV

B. Styliz Ortiz is a twenty-four year old Homosexual Brooklyn Native. Ortiz is also an Author (Pretty Boy with the House In Virginia) [2012], Motivational Speaker, Activist for HIV, and now adding two new titles CEO of It's Faceless Magazine [June 2014], also Born Hustlers Clothing. B. Styliz Ortiz expresses his passion to speak out on HIV and its Stigma because he too is HIV POSITIVE. Mr. Ortiz book"Pretty Boy with the House In Virginia" [sold on Amazon, www.BStylizOrtiz.com] discloses all the juicy, real informative truth and the awareness of the risk that those who live a promiscuous lifestyle put themselves in. Which he speaks from experiences, after many tragic death he too became numb, exploring the world with no care. When he contracted the virus in 2010 by his secretive ex boyfriend. [Not going to give you all the detail you have to order it for yourself]. Beside the book B. Styliz is a motivational speaker wanting all to get personal and become aware. When B. Styliz isn't spreading the word he is into Fashion Designing {This is why he has Partner up with Lambo Fullyloaded of Born Hustler Ent. to bring youBorn Hustlers Clothing.} and Event Planning. *To purchase the book please visit:www.bstylizortiz.com, Amazon for Paperback & you may Download it via Kindle, iTunes. **For Booking Contact: Book.BStylizOrtiz@gmail.com***Social Media Contact: Facebook[www.Facebook.com/PrettyBoywithHIVBStylizOrtiz] Twitter/Instagram: @BStylizOrtiz / @TheRealBStyliz

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