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1) How does water enter a plant and get to the leaves?

  • enters through the roots
  • travels up the stem
  • enters the leaves
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2) How does CO2 enter the leaf?

  • It comes in as a gas through the stomata in the leaves.
  • Most of the stomata are on the underneath of the leaves.

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3) Where does photosynthesis occur in the plant?

  • Photosynthesis takes place inside plant cells in small things called chloroplasts.
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4) Why is sunlight important to the process of photosynthesis?

  • The sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll which converts it into energy for the plant to grow.
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5) What is a waste product for the plant and how it is removed from the plant?

  • The major waste product for the plant is oxygen which is released back into the
environment through the stomata.

  • These are tiny holes in the leaf of the plant.

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6) What does the plant do with the sugar it makes?

  • It uses the sugar to go through photosynthesis!
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7) What are the final products of photosynthesis and how are they important to life on this planet?

  • The final products of photosynthesis are glucose (sugar) and oxygen.
  • The oxygen allows animals and other organisms to breathe and produce energy through cellular respiration.
  • The sugar (food) is also used by other organisms to make energy.
  • Both oxygen and glucose are ingredients in the process of cellular respiration, which all organisms undergo, to make energy.

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