Origami Owl Training

Helpful Hints


Hi Team! This is my first training newsletter that I am sharing with all of you. I would like to send one monthly and eventually weekly. Anyone one that is in my direct downline will receive these training emails. Jill McCarthy is my Mentor and Senior Team Leader of the Sparking Hooters. She is an amazing woman and very knowledgeable. The training information she posts to our team page is very important to follow as well as all the webinars the home office provides in the Back Office. It is my goal to spend more one on one time with each of you to help you grown and be the best you can be.

Hostess Packets

Preparing our Hostess's for their special jewelry bar date is very important. Putting together a hostess pack is one great way to start with the hostess coaching. Here are some tips on how I set the packets up (please share your methods with the team also).

1.) Use the amazing folders provided in the back office to house all the hostess information. The folders look nice and professional.

2.) Fill out the front of the folder, this makes your hostess feel special (and she is) and will also have all your contact info.

3.) Add three catalogs and the product points of difference flyer (file located in the back office under the resources tab) to the left side of the folder

4.) Add three order forms, 8-10 invites (filled out with all the party information) and a hand written card for your hostess.

If doing a catalog party I add five catalogs and around 8-10 order forms. I leave out the paper invites and put an envelope for money/checks in there.

Increase Party Bookings

A fun way that has increased party bookings for myself has been for me to incorporate a booking tree in my jewelry bars. While doing my presentation I bring in the booking tree. I tell all the guests, if you will book a party with me you can come over to the booking tree, pick a card, open it up and whatever prize is listed on there I will bring it to you the night of your very own jewelry bar. I made me booking tree from a jewelry stand I picked up at the dollar store, the blank Origami Owl business cards that come in our business kits, and ribbon. The prizes I list on the inside of the cards are Free Charm of your choice, Free dangle of your choice, etc....

Pamper your Hostess

Hostess's are a huge part of our success. They invite us into their homes, they put together snacks, work on inviting their friends, run around like crazy to make sure everything is perfect. Let's make sure we pamper them. I always call the day before to see if there is anything I can help them do to get ready, and also ask if I can bring anything. I will bring the gift that they choose off the booking tree, plus I always bring them an extra gift. Something small but it lets them know how important they are to you. After the jewelry bar I make sure I spend plenty of one on one time with them to make sure they have had a chance to look at the display and put together a locket of their own. Always offer to help them clean up.

The same goes for our Hostess's to go (catalog party). I check in with my catalog parties once a week, to see if they need anymore order forms, catalogs, or have any questions at all. I also have a gift for them when we meet to close out the party.

Spend time with your hostess's and get to know them. Once you form a connection you will have a life long customer and also friend. So many of my hostess's I have met and done parties for have now become very good friends of mine. I feel very blessed to have that opportunity.

Thank You

Thank each and everyone of you for allowing me to be your Mentor. It is my goal to help you succeed and have fun while you are doing it! I am always just a phone call, email, facebook msg away. Please let me know any areas where you feel you would like more training.