Instateleport Chair

Ever wanted to teleport in a blink of the eye?


Have you ever just been too lazy to walk or drive well now you can teleport from one place to another with this all brand new, great, super fast chair; it can get you there as fast as lighting! That is an all brand new invention that has been tested out by 10 lucky customers and 9/10 have given us great feedback on the chair.

Ethan tells us about his experience with the chair

"At first I thought it would just be one of those shams where they give you a cool looking chair with some awesome effects to it but I was completely amazed by the Instateleportic chair it was something totally different and unique. It was one of a kind invention; nothing you've ever seen before. I would really recommend it to everyone, it's so simple and it just works with every customer."

Wondering how it works?

If you're wondering how you get from one place to another here's how. All you have to do it press the location button and say out loud and clearly the location you want to be then press the teleport button and you'll find yourself at the location just like that; if you can't don't understand then there's a video you can watch when you buy the incredible chair!

Wondered about what colours and material the Instateleportic chair is made out of?

There's a range of different colours from blue, black, red, orange, purple and etc. There's a colour that can satisfy anyone's needs. The material that the Instateleportic chair is made out of is leather it's welcoming and can give you luxury on a whole different level.