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January C.E.R. ~ February News

Winter is Thawing!

The first "J month" of 2016 was better than any we've had in the past so I'm hopeful next January will be a record breaker! I know coming off of selling at Christmas and after the holiday highs can be difficult. I personally struggle with that every year but we push forward and embrace a new spring catalog full of newness, color, diversity, new embroidery options and the JK line is so on trend from what I'm seeing in stores and online from high end retailers! Our company is once again on point!

It is my prayer that in 2016 our team will at least double in size and that many of you will swallow your fears and go for the goals you want to attain from your business. Do not let fear or insecurity weigh you down. Make those calls, do those vendor events, follow up with every single one of those past customers. Chat with that hostess about joining your team. Send thank you notes, give excellent customer service, maintain your customer page on Facebook weekly not sporadically. Market yourself and don't let people forget you and don't let them forget that YOU are their Thirty-One girl! We are going to focus a lot on team building even if you have no desire for leadership adding ladies to your team still increases your paycheck each month and adds to our overall team health. Also, what if your friend Sally decides Thirty-One is a game changer for her and she does want to be in leadership and she does want to go to the top? You've given her that avenue and can cheer her along on her own journey. That's a beautiful thing about this business! Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward!

Let's continue to work hard in February and crush our lower numbers from January; that is definitely my goal! Order your catalogs and other supplies you need for the season and while you're at it check out those cute new tees and sport one of those when you're out and about with your favorite Thirty-One bag; it's a convo starter trust me! Get those catalogs into the hands of your past and potential hostesses. It's not too late to have an open house/spring launch party at home or online! Get excited about what spring/summer is going to bring to your life and set small goals each month. The little things add up to be big things! Have a wonderful new season!


Let's CER our January!

Top PV:

Tessa Burrell, $1239.00

Party Girls:

Tessa Burrell, 4

Jennifer Valine, 1

Tammy Burrell, 1

Shannon Engle, 1

Casey Norris, 1

Team Sales: $3,029.00

Parties: 9

Stephanie's Stats:

PV: $420.00

Parties: 1

Recruits: 0

Get in touch with your Director!

I'm here for you! Message or text me if you'd like to have a 1:1 chat and set goals for 2016. What do you want out of our business? Where are your struggles and victories? Share with me and we will be Better Together!
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