Typical food of Germany

We are going to show you different types of food in germany


German food varies from place to place, each country has its own typical dishes and defined tastes. Something characteristic of German food is that its dishes are strong, caloric and with strong flavors.

In Germany the most typical food is the sausage, existing more than 1500 different types. But of course there is much more that will be detailed below.

Typical dishes

Brezel: It is a type of baked bread that has an interlocking circular shape (loop). In some countries it is known as "pretzels". The origin of the name comes from the Latin bracellus "small arm". There are two types of sweet and salty brezel, the latter can be of different flavors, for example: garlic, oregano, etc.

Sauerkraut: It is a type of cabbage (finely chopped) and fermented in
water with salt. Preparation that is used to accompany almost all dishes.
It's like sauerkraut in Chile.

Gebratene Fleisch:
It is meat (it can be of different animals) it is
fried in oil without removing the leather.

Blaukraut or Rotkohl:
cabbage with purple leaves.

It's a type of muffin also known as Semmel in some parts of
Germany. The origin of this name comes from Brot meaning bread and chen
which is the diminutive of the word. These breads are salty, sold alone
or with some filling (for example meat, sausage, etc.) in common to
serve them at breakfast or they can also be found in bakery or street

Personal opinion

We wanted to make the work of the typical dishes of germany because the desserts and the meals attract us a lot of attention and have good reviews.

Made by:

Marina Cordero Zambrano
Carmen González Garcia
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