My Future

Gracie Ray

Right Brained

Having a blue personality means that you are a music lover, you are imaginative, and you like to think outside of the box.
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My Personality is Blue

Blue Personality: Blues are loyal, creative, caring, & sincere.

Gold Personality: Golds are obedient, punctual, helpful, & organized.

Orange Personality: Oranges are playful, energetic, bold, & cheerful.

Green Personality: Greens are logical, careful, intellectual, & accurate.

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My Personality Letters

E: tend to focus on the outer world of people & things.

S: tend to focus on the present & the concrete information gain from their senses.

F: tend to base their decisions primarily on logic & on objective analysis of cause & effect.

P: tend to have a flexible & spontaneous approach to life & things settled. They are less scheduling with their activities to keep their opinions open.

I Am An Extrovert

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I am an Extrovert

I am an Extrovert. I am am outgoing, a social butterfly, and I am not very shy when it comes to being with people.

Managers, All Others

This is the job related to my monthly budget.
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Top Three Career Choices

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Dance Coach/Choreographer

I want to be a dance coach because I have always loved to lead others while dancing.
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I would want to be a teacher because i love to be around kids and teach them new things.
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I want to be a doctor because i have always been interested in medical things and helping others.

Arkansas University

I chose to go to Arkansas University because it is close to home and i like how many things they have to offer.

Fayettville, AR

Public University

26,754 in Attendance

$15,000 a Year

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Bentonville High School

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I will graduate on May 23, 2020
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My Quote

"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"