August 10 All Staff Return to School

Senior 2016 Walk @ Rann

May 26th at 2:30

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14 days till schools out,

Create a list of 5 cool things you will do with your kids each day that brings in learning in a multitude of ways! Check out my Pinterest Board, "Shoolz out 4 summer" for a few ideas and then add some of your own!

To Do...

As a grade level team, I would like you to create classroom list for next year based on your knowledge of how the kids act with each other. There may need to be some tweaking still, but most of it will be done. Please get these to me by Tuesday, May 31st.

Happenings for us....

Anita Ross Lunch Thursday, May 12

Pizza from the Willingham's, Katie's parents Friday, May 13

PTO End of Year Luncheon, Tuesday, May 24

STAAR-B-Cue (hamburgers on the grill from cafeteria) Wednesday, May 25th, 3rd - 5th we will use the same format as last year, you can still bring chips and cookies and brownies.

End of Year Convocation, June 3, Friday @ 10:30

End of Year Party at The Hall

Be sure and sign up so we can determine how much fajita meat to buy!

Time to Rejuvenate

Summer comes and goes so quickly as we fill it full of fun, laughter, and down time. We all need this time to recharge and let our mind wonder to the possibilities we have available to us. Reflect upon this past year during your quiet moments and sift it out to come up with your top three problems that weighed you down the most this year. Put them each on a postcard and invest in idea time one hour weekly, void of any outside intrusions. No cell phone, tv, radio, kids, etc. and think about how you would solve this problem. Dedicate your undivided attention to solving this problem, rotate the three problems throughout your time this summer and by August 10th you will have many strategies to help you cope with this. We will talk about this process at beginning of year trainings.
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Trainings of Interest This Summer

Each of you will need three days of comp to fulfill your Thanksgiving week days off. You will all be allowed to count one of those days through your compliance videos, so that leaves you with two days. I have listed a few that may be beneficial.

  • Prime-digital Learning Experience ESC XI, 8/4 Free
  • 1:World Conference Northwest ISD, 7/27-28 $100
  • Think through Math TOT ESC XI, 6/27 Free
  • Home on the Range K-2 Region XI, 6/29 $15
  • Home on the Range 3-5 ESC XI, 6/30 $15
  • Science STAAR Training Per Reporting Category ESC XI, June & July $50
  • 21st Century Learning Academy 3-5 ForthWorth Science & History Museum, Free
  • Istation 101 & Beyond the Basics 3-5 ESC XI, 6/21 Free

Please look through the Region online to see what else is offered. You will need to send an online list of your trainings before leaving for the summer to your evaluator. If you are going to one that cost $, I need to know asap while there is still money.

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