Superman's Least Favorite Element

Periodic Position

Krypton is in Period 4, Group 18 of the periodic table meaning it has 4 shells of Electrons and is one of the Noble Gases. Krypton's Atomic number 36 and its Atomic Mass is 84 meaning that it has 36 Protons, 48 Neutrons and 36 Electrons. Therefore Krypton is a happy element as it is one of only 6 elements that has a full outer shell and the only element that can beat Superman.

Blowing up Krypton

Krypton is a colorless, odorless gas at room temperature. This is due to its melting point being -157 degrees Celsius and its boiling point being -153 degrees Celsius. Superman hates Fluorine too for being the only element that can react with Krypton blowing up his planet. Krypton and Noble Gases in general do not react to many other elements and the only element they made a krypton compound with is Fluoride (KrF4) Krypton Tertrafluoride.
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Krypton was found in 1898 by accident when chemists William Ramsay and Morris Traverse when they were trying to extract Argon out of the Atmosphere.Krypton is a very rare and expensive gas, there is only 1 ppm of krypton in our atmosphere. Krypton is an inert gas so it is used in common objects to prevent reactions. Flash photography uses Krypton to keep everything from burning up in the flash filament. Gases like krypton are often used in florescent lights because they glow easily but don't explode. Krypton was