Hip*stare Glasses

Using Rhetoric in Advertising

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The Product: Hip*Stare Glasses

Targeted Consumer

Hipster- Those who follow the latest fashion and trends.

  • They are usually in their 20s and 30s.
  • They take pride in their knowledge of art
  • They appreciate a fusion of new and old
  • They strive to redefine themselves

Purpose of Product

To provide for clearer vision while remaining stylish.

Corrective lenses not required*

Use of Wit


A play on the words hipster and the verb: to stare.


Words such as: "impression", "image", "perspective", and "life", all speak to our personal selves. They calling to the consumers own image, allows them to not only put themselves in your product, but enables them to feel a connection to the product.

The use of colorful pictures of well known art both gives a sense of security, and excitement.


The use of Van Gogh paintings give the ad credibility, simply based upon the fact they are well-known.


There is little logos in this ad, other than the visual. Look through our lens: see a whole new world. Straight forward.

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