Mesopotamian Culture

James Brickman, Jana Abiati, and AJ Emmolo

Culture Intro

Culture is the religion, art, traditions, and architecture that makes a civilization unique. Culture is developed over time and is based on where people are from, what they believe, and basically how they do things. The aspects of Mesopotamian culture are religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. Cultural developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on people today.

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Mesopotamian culture was used in the people’s everyday life in many ways. Religion impacted the Mesopotamian people by going to the Ziggurats every morning and putting a statue of themselves there so the gods would know they worshiped them. A Ziggurat was a temple where the Mesopotamian people went worship and celebrate their gods. Mesopotamian architecture plays a big role in how we build things today because they invented early architecture. Writing influenced the way Mesopotamians kept records and history. Innovations helped the farmers by making crop growing and harvesting easier. Through out Mesopotamian culture, it is obvious that they affect things today.