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Student Led Conferences and AVID

Good Afternoon FMS Families,

We wanted to reach out and connect with you about a couple of important activities coming up and hopefully answer some questions we've received about each of them.

Student Led Conferences (SLC's):

This Thursday from 4-7:00 pm we'd like to invite you to join us for SLC's. The purpose behind the SLC process is for students to have a piece of ownership of their learning and reflect with you on the amazing things they are doing. Another benefit of SLC's is that they free up teachers to meet and greet with parents while other student conferences are taking place. (Private conversations would require an appointment to be made with the teacher(s) for a different date) At FMS we've adopted a system where our core teachers are in a common space so multiple teachers are available within the same area during the conferences. Right now the SLC's are done on a digital platform but we are exploring options to change up the process to include more physical artifacts to show parents.

AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination):

We haven't communicated out about AVID for a while so it's time for an update. AVID is a program that equips students with the skills to be successful in school and set them up with career or college readiness. AVID is based on the foundation of WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading) and is at the heart of the study in our elective class. The 6th grade team is focused on the "Organization" piece of WICOR in their classes by utilizing the AVID binder system. Starting 2nd quarter, the 7th & 8th grades will start developing their AVID binder system with students. (7th & 8th grade students will need a 2" three-ring binder and the 8-tab page dividers that was on our supply list to start 2nd quarter. Please contact our counselor if you need assistance with supplies Our hope is that the AVID binder becomes part of the student led conference process in the future.

We appreciate your continued support of our children, our staff, and the FMS family. GO HAWKS!

Mr. Jensen & Mrs. Salois