The Half Blood Prince

Tristan Thurman, J.K Rowling, Block 2

Book Review

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action. adventure, and fiction.Here are the things i didnt like about the book Dumbledore died, in some parts it was boring for a chapter or two. Here are the things that i did like, it was action packed in most of the book there were great battles that ended good and some ended bad.If you dont like long books dont read these big books.This is why i would recommend this book to action type people.


Murdering people in cold blood tears your soul apart. I understood it because Voldermort murders people in cold blood and he tore his soul apart into horcruxes.

The characters in the book


The setting is at hogwarts in the present time. It affects the story because the major battle is at hogwarts and dumbledore dies there. Hogwarts is a magic school and and feels l;ike home to harry. Hogwarts is a big castle and all of the magical students go there to learn magic.


The symbolism is the potions book that harry got it had the meaning that snape was halfblood he was a member of the prince family also, so it said in the potions book that snape was the half blood prince.
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