Slavka Tarzian

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The Role of Chemistry in Slavka Tarzian’s Life

Chemistry is something that has been very important to Slavka Tarzian for a long time. In fact, chemistry plays a role in one of the most important parts of Slavka Tarzian’s life – her job. Slavka Tarzian has a demanding and fulfilling job as a research scientist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. Slavka Tarzian was first drawn to chemistry because it presented a number of scientific challenges and also helped her to process and understand the world around her in a more nuanced, educated way. Slavka Tarzian also was drawn to the practical ways that chemistry could be applied to improve the lives of the people around her. From the very beginning, Slavka Tarzian knew that this exciting field was the right one for her. And though studying chemistry is a real challenge for most people, Slavka Tarzian merely saw it as the way to achieve her goal of using chemistry for the greater good.

In her work at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian hopes every day to help science get closer to wiping out life-threatening illness and disease. She also hopes to use science to help those who are currently afflicted with devastating illnesses to manage their symptoms and have the best possible quality of life. To this end, back in 2007, Slavka Tarzian had the exciting experience of patenting new technology to improve manufacturing processes for medications administered through inhalation. The new technology patented by Slavka Tarzian is just one of the many ways Slavka Tarzian is now applying her earliest experiences of chemistry to her own life and those of others. It is Slavka Tarzian’s hope that she can use chemistry and exciting scientific discoveries to make the world a better place.

Slavka Tarzian’s experience as a chemist is not too far from her earliest experiences of chemistry. Where Slavka Tarzian once saw chemistry as a way of understanding the world, Slavka Tarzian now harnesses that knowledge to change the world.

Slavka Tarzian Celebrates Seven Years of Employment at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals

In an iffy job market, very few people can boast of having been at the same place of employment for very long. But for Slavka Tarzian, this is a reality. In 2013, Slavka Tarzian celebrated her seventh year of employment as a research scientist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. In her seven years of employment at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian reports a high level of satisfaction with her work. For a scientist, the chance to do research is an exciting prospect, says Slavka Tarzian.

In Slavka Tarzian’s tenure at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian is happy to report a number of significant and intriguing discoveries. In 2007, for example, Slavka Tarzian received a US patent from the US patent agency for her work at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. The patent given to Slavka Tarzian was for Slavka Tarzian’s exciting new invention: Slavka Tarzian was responsible for creating a system to determine the smoothness of canisters used to administer medications that are inhaled by their takers, rather than applied directly to the skin or administered orally. Working at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals was what allowed for Slavka Tarzian to make this discovery. Slavka Tarzian was able to spend an extended period of time working on the same scientific problem, and the outcome was a new method that Slavka Tarzian and Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals hope will be adapted by similar pharmaceutical companies to make even more strides in the industry.

Slavka Tarzian’s coworkers are happy that they can count on Slavka Tarzian’s dedication to the scientific method and her ability to work on problems in the long term. It is Slavka Tarzian’s ability to work tenaciously in her field that led to this discovery, and will surely lead to more. “Being employed at one company for a lengthy amount of time makes it much easier to work on one problem,” she says.

The Importance of Family to Slavka Tarzian

Though science is very important to Slavka Tarzian, Slavka Tarzian is also extremely dedicated to her family. In addition to being a professional and intelligent research scientist employed at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian is also a wonderful wife and mother in her family. Slavka Tarzian maintains a happy and close relationship with her husband and her kids. Indeed, when she isn’t hard at work in the lab, Slavka Tarzian can be found enjoying some quality time at home with her husband and her children. Slavka Tarzian is even a dedicated and engaged volunteer at her children’s school, and enjoys spending time with them in their educational environment. Education is very important to Slavka Tarzian, so it’s no surprise that she enjoys assisting with the education of her children.

When her coworkers are having a hard time balancing life and work, Slavka Tarzian is often who they turn to. They do this because Slavka Tarzian has proven, time and again, to be both extremely intelligent and professional. Slavka Tarzian delivers results for their company, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, while also managing to raise her children to be strong and resourceful, and making sure that they know how much she values them. Slavka Tarzian knows that there isn’t any secret to balancing work and family, but she often shares her techniques for managing both. Her coworkers, many of whom have learned a great deal about time management and organization from Slavka Tarzian, are grateful for her advice.

Slavka Tarzian hopes that her children will grow up to pursue their dreams and to have access to the excellent education and resources Slavka Tarzian had, and she also hopes that they will develop passions of their own, as Slavka Tarzian developed her love of chemistry and scientific research. Slavka Tarzian works every day to make sure that her children know how loved and supported they are.

Slavka Tarzian’s Top Four Favorite Things About Research

For those who study science, the opportunity to do original research is a thrill. For Slavka Tarzian, this dream is a reality. Indeed, Slavka Tarzian has been working as a research scientist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals for seven years, and has even earned a patent during this time. Here are Slavka Tarzian’s top four favorite things about working in research:

1. Learning something new every day. For most people, Slavka Tarzian says, this is something to hope for. For her, it’s what she does every day at work, as she moves closer to solutions to difficult problems in manufacturing and developing pharmaceuticals.

2. The chance to develop something that will actually impact another person’s life for the better. Slavka Tarzian works in development for a pharmaceutical company, which means that she develops medicines and medical devices that improve the lives of sick people. It’s very rewarding to know that you’re doing research that could positively impact someone’s day-to-day experience, says Slavka Tarzian.

3. It keeps you thinking. Slavka Tarzian loves being challenged intellectually. It’s why Slavka Tarzian became a chemist in the first place. Slavka Tarzian explains that working in research for a pharmaceuticals company keeps her thinking hard all day, trying out new experiments. Each day, she works to figure out why certain drugs and products elicit one particular response in the body, and how these properties can be manipulated to fight illnesses and medical conditions.

4. It’s a great way to collaborate. Slavka Tarzian loves working directly with other researchers on a team. Working as a scientist can be isolating sometimes, says Slavka Tarzian, but working in a research lab with tons of smart people in your field is nothing short of exciting. “We work hard,” says Slavka Tarzian, “but we learn from each other’s discoveries every day, and together, we’re all working towards the same goal.”

How to be an Effective Team Member: Wisdom from Slavka Tarzian

As an employee working as a researcher at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian often works with a team of other scientists. When everyone works together, says Slavka Tarzian, being on a team can be an extremely exciting and collaborative process. Here are Slavka Tarzian’s words of wisdom on how to be the best possible team member.

1. Communicate effectively and clearly. This might seem a little obvious, says Slavka Tarzian, but it’s painfully easy to forget. When you’re working with a big group of people, says Slavka Tarzian, you need to communicate about absolutely everything, to keep everybody looped into the conversation. Remember that it often takes five tries to get someone to hear what you’re saying, advises Slavka Tarzian, so get ready to be clear, and don’t feel frustrated if you sometimes have to repeat yourself.

2. Know what your role is, and what everyone else’s roles are. This can be tricky sometimes, says Slavka Tarzian, especially when people may be doing more than one task, but it’s important for each member of the team to understand how everyone’s roles fit together. In order to be truly interdependent, explains Slavka Tarzian, it’s key that everyone understand where their role ends and another begins. It also will help everyone understand who they can go to for advice about particular problems that might come up. Remember, says Slavka Tarzian, everyone has something to contribute – otherwise you wouldn’t all be working together in the same lab. So keep in mind that when each person does better, the team does better, says Slavka Tarzian.

3. Delegate tasks effectively, says Slavka Tarzian. Overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, says Slavka Tarzian. Again, this is why you’re part of a team – so that you can pick up each other’s slack, says Slavka Tarzian. Slavka Tarzian explains that it isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for help.

Slavka Tarzian and the Importance of Volunteering

Though Slavka Tarzian is respected and receives many accolades for her accomplishments in the field of chemistry, Slavka Tarzian also finds volunteering and giving back to her community to be a very important and rewarding part of her life. Though she is very busy with her demanding position as a research scientist at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian knows that true satisfaction comes from giving back to one’s community. It is for this reason that Slavka Tarzian so enjoys volunteering at her children’s school. Slavka Tarzian considers attending to the welfare of young children to be a very important role in any society. Though her job and family take up quite a bit of her time, Slavka Tarzian makes time to volunteer. In fact, when she volunteers at her children’s school, it gives Slavka Tarzian some much appreciated time with her family.

Slavka Tarzian loves volunteering and encourages her friends and coworkers to find causes that are important to them and to create ways of incorporating these causes into their routines. Whether stopping by an animal shelter after work, collecting canned goods for a food drive, serving dinner at a soup kitchen, or showing up to a fundraiser for a charitable organization and making a contribution, Slavka Tarzian believes that most people can find small ways to give back.

Slavka Tarzian is a very successful chemist who has received many honors for her contributions to the field, but Slavka Tarzian’s life wouldn’t seem quite complete without a chance to give back to her community, says Slavka Tarzian. In her professional life, Slavka Tarzian is working to advance pharmaceutical technology, but she also considers her volunteerism to be a common good. If everyone volunteered just a little every week, says Slavka Tarzian, imagine how much our society would grow in positive ways!

Perfecting Work-Life Balance: Slavka Tarzian

Many people hope to have a full life at home and at work, but it can often be tricky to balance both. For Slavka Tarzian, this is not a problem. Slavka Tarzian is a leading scientist in her field and a loving wife and mother, and while she has made many leaps forward at work and commands the respect of her coworkers and colleagues, Slavka Tarzian considers her home life just as important.

It is the strong belief of Slavka Tarzian that a little balance can go a long way. Slavka Tarzian works hard to be fully engaged with all areas of her life, whether she’s hard at work in the lab at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, or picking her kids up from school. In both realms, Slavka Tarzian goes above and beyond. At Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian is well known for having secured a patent from the US patent agency for her design of a means of measuring the smoothness of canisters that contain inhaled medication. At her children’s school, Slavka Tarzian is known for being an active and engaged parent and a volunteer who can be counted on to help out with school programs and classes. All of her children’s teachers report that Slavka Tarzian is a dependable classroom volunteer.

To balance work and life, Slavka Tarzian sticks to a tight schedule and co-parents with her husband. Slavka Tarzian also compartmentalizes work and home, so that when she is at work, Slavka Tarzian can be fully immersed in her complicated research, and when she is at home, Slavka Tarzian can be totally engaged with her kids and her husband. It is hard work, says Slavka Tarzian, but family and work are what matter to Slavka Tarzian most of all, so she works hard to make sure that she achieves a true balance between them.

The Intelligence and Professionalism of Slavka Tarzian

In any given office, some people will always stand out from the rest for their expertise, their output, or even their ability to assist and mentor others. At Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, Slavka Tarzian is known for all of these things, but her coworkers say that more than anything, they especially appreciate Slavka Tarzian’s intelligence and professionalism. From her accomplishments in the lab – which include creating a patented system with which scientists can quantify the smoothness of a canister containing medicine that a patient must inhale – to the words of wisdom she offers to new coworkers, to the strong mentoring she offers to nearly everyone she works with, Slavka Tarzian’s coworkers see Slavka Tarzian as a true leader.

Even as a college student, people remarked upon Slavka Tarzian’s intelligence and professionalism. As a student majoring in chemistry, Slavka Tarzian quickly commanded the attention and respect of her teachers and colleagues. Slavka Tarzian even was singled out upon graduation, with a special award given to a uniquely promising student graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Indeed, Slavka Tarzian also showed her intelligence by graduating with the highest GPA out of anyone in her department, thus attracting the attention and high regard of her teachers.

The colleagues and collaborators of Slavka Tarzian were especially impressed when she patented a particular new method for measuring the smoothness of containers that must be used to hold medications that have to be inhaled. These medications require special packaging. When she received her patent, Slavka Tarzian’s coworkers saw it as just another manifestation of Slavka Tarzian’s intelligence, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to science and the scientific method. Slavka Tarzian’s coworkers and colleagues saw her invention as an incredibly exciting step forward for their field, and a positive reflection of the exciting new developments emerging from their company.

Slavka Tarzian Enjoys Working with Children

As a frequent volunteer at her children’s school, Slavka Tarzian is a big fan of working one-on-one with children. Slavka Tarzian says that working with children is one of the most rewarding ways of spending one’s time, and a great way for people to engage with their communities as volunteers. Slavka Tarzian says that the best part of working with kids is the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child. What is so exciting about that, explains Slavka Tarzian, is that kids see the world with a sense of wonder that is dulled with age. When Slavka Tarzian works with children, she says that she gets a little of that wonder back. When she returns to the lab at Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, where she works as a research scientist when she is not volunteering, Slavka Tarzian can bring a new sense of excitement and freshness to the discoveries she makes every day in her thrilling line of work.

Slavka Tarzian began volunteering with kids when her own children entered school and she realized that the teachers who worked with her kids often needed help with big jobs, like taking children on field trips or leading large classes. So Slavka Tarzian stepped in whenever she had a free moment or two, and quickly became a parent that the teachers at her children’s school love to see around. The teachers at her children’s school know that Slavka Tarzian is a parent they can count on to volunteer time, effort, and energy to make their school a strong and nurturing environment for children.

Slavka Tarzian hopes that all children feel as loved and nurtured as her own children, and it is for this reason that Slavka Tarzian loves to work with kids in her activities as a dedicated volunteer.