By: Allan Zullo

Alicia had a dream life. She was a first class family with a mom, dad, and four brothers. Until one day they were separated. Now it was just Alicia, her mother Frieda, and her little brother. The three of them had to move to the dreary ghetto, when one day a policeman knocked on the door. When Alicia answered they asked for Frieda. Alicia, afraid for her mother, lied to the policeman by telling them that was her. She went days with no food or water. And when she did get water, it was contaminated. Each prison she was put in she found a way to escape. Months later she was with her mother again. Read more about Alicia Jurman's tragic life in Escape.

If this bit of Alicia's life sounded interesting to you, then you should hear all the other stories in this book. This book contains seven stories of different children who survived the holocaust. You won't believe the things these people went through. And how they survived is even more amazing. Some kids would sneak out, ans some would pretend to be a different religion or even change their names to names they don't sound Jewish. These kids were brave. And they did all this while knowing they were risking being killed. Start reading this book and you will not want to put it down.

Casey Peterson