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Information about USA Test Prep & the EOCT

Create a New USA Test Prep Account

Account Creation Information :

  1. You will be prompted to take EOCT Practice tests throughout this course. To take an EOCT practice test, you will need to first go to the link forUSA Test Prep . You will create a new account with the account ID "gavirtual" and the activation code "newton88".
  2. You will then create a username and password to use in the future. Make sure you use a username and password you will remember. Also, make sure you use your Georgia Virtual email as the email address for this process.

USA Test Prep Video Tutorial ~ Creating an Account

Watch the following video to learn more about creating an account.


Thanks, Mrs. Brumbelow!

Taking EOCT Practice Tests on USA Test Prep

Practice Test :

You can take a practice test that is 25%, 50%, or 100% of the actual length of the test.

  1. After logging into the website (link to http://www.usatestprep.com ) , click on the tab that says "EOCT Tests". Then select the course you would like to practice from the drop down menu.
  2. You will then select "Small Test - 25% of the actual test length," or the size you want to practice.
  3. You will need to choose a teacher, but it does not matter which teacher or class you choose (unless your teacher has indicated otherwise).
  4. Click on "load test" and complete the test.

IF you need to submit your score to an instructor, you can choose one of these methods (unless your instructor has indicated another method).

  1. After you have completed the test, submit it to be graded. To submit your scores, do one of the following:
    - Click on the "Print Summary" link and copy and paste the results into a word processing document.
    - Click on the "Print Summary" link and click "Print." In the lower left corner, there may be an option to save as a PDF document. Do this and submit this document.
    - Take a screenshot of the results and submit that image.

Reporting Your Scores for USA Test Prep to GaVS Teachers

Here is a video that demonstrates how to choose a test and report your scores.


Taking the EOCT


Private & Homeschoolers must register! Public school students will be notified about testing dates/times.

ALL students should have registered for the EOCT. If you have not registered, you will not be able to take the EOCT this summer.


  • The EOCT is your final exam. If you miss the EOCT test your final grade will NOT be released.
  • EOCT information will be sent to your personal email account, not your GaVS email.
  • Test site location/time of test will be emailed prior to the EOCT test date.
  • Address questions to MKrueck@doe.k12.ga.us

Who Takes the EOCT?

During the fall and spring semesters, private, home school and out of state students will be scheduled to take the EOCT at their assigned ETC. Public school students will be scheduled to take the EOCT at their local schools and should contact their school's facilitator for the date and time.

The following courses require an EOCT in order to pass the course:

  • 9th Lit/Comp B and AB
  • American Lit/Comp B and AB
  • Biology
  • Physical Science
  • Accelerated Mathematics I
  • Accelerated Mathematics II
  • Accelerated CCGPS Coordinate Algebra/ Analytic Geometry A
  • CCGPS Coordinate Algebra
  • GPS Algebra
  • GPS Geometry
  • Mathematics I
  • Mathematics II
  • US History
  • Economics