Coronavirus Updates & Information

School's in Session - Marshall Academy

Update 9/25/20

Dear MA Families,

So far, so good. Our protocols and your efforts at home have kept us COVID free thus far. Keep up the good work, but don't get complacent! See the notes below on the BEST types of face masks and the process for a suspected case.

We will continue to keep students safe in school with the protocols we have outlined previously, please continue to follow screening measures as outlined below. Screening and communication with the office is vital in keeping our students safe!

Remember this year is not "normal". The policies on illness are more stringent and we will always err on the side of caution.

Leslie Katz

Coordinator - Leslie Katz (Academic Officer); Teacher Representative - Lacey Ferro (3rd grade, coach); Support Staff Representative - Kathy Swett (bus, library, classroom); Front Office - Shannon Kever (Main point of contact); Board Representation - Kasey Williams (Board President; parent); Albion Community - Wanda Kemp (Kids of Hope Community Outreach); Marshall Community - Stephanie Kimball (Fountain Clinic); Parent - Niki VanLente (Marshall); Student - William Costine (sophomore)

CDC Guidelines on Coronavirus Prevention

This site is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Just click the button and it will take you to the website.

Screening Protocols


Screening continues to be the number one way to keep our student and teacher population safe.

Ask the questions here to see if you should send your student to school.

Screener (most user friendly one we've found)

If you suspect your student has COVID or if your student was in contact with someone with COVID, inform the front office (Mrs. Kever) immediately. She can provide next steps and inform the school of what we need to do for additional safety and quarantine measures.

Failing a Screener

Fever and Symptoms

Generally, students must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine to return to school. However, if a student answers yes to a screener question or has a fever, they must have one of the following before returning to school -- a negative COVID 19 test or a doctor note that explains the reason for the fever as something other than COVID 19 dated for that event of fever or screener question. If a parent refuses to go to the doctor or get a COVID 19 test, the student must stay home for 10 days and monitor for further symptoms.

Keep Calm and Wear Your Mask


Yes, parents this one is for you. If you are picking up your student, even outside, please wear a mask as you walk along the building if there are people outside. The rule is to wear masks even outside within 6 feet of others. It also sets the example to the students that when there are a lot of people around the school, even outside, you have to wear your mask. If you remain in your vehicle, don't worry about a mask, but if walking along the building there are sometimes large groups of busers and the teachers are there dismissing students. We would appreciate your help with setting the example.

The Right Fit

How to Wear a Mask:

Be sure the mask fits over the nose and around the sides of the face. A snug fit is best, but too small and kids are constantly trying to cover their noses but it won't stay. For students with glasses consider masks with built in frames for the bridge of the nose; a tighter fit there helps reduce fogging up glasses.

What type of mask:

Masks with 2 or more layers of fabric are recommended by the CDC.

Community Resources

Hotlines, food pantries, and more