Dine Safe King County

A Usability study of posted inspection scores

Our Project and How We are Supporting It:

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King County, Washington, will implement restaurant inspection score signs in 2015. This transparency and public health project will be a first in our region, but in other municipal areas, like Toronto, inspection score signs at restaurants have been around for over a decade. The signs seem to bring down overall cases of food poisoning, by as much as 30%.

King County will implement scores by mid 2015, with most input coming from restaurant owners and government employees. We are a group of UW students working to involve a variety of King County residents in the design process of this tool for public health, through the use of a usability study.

Questions or comments about this study? You can contact the team coordinator at ethanrf@uw.edu.

A Look at Posted Restaurant Scores:

Our Team:

Ethan Fletcher, Project Coordinator

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Washington from the Seattle area, looking to study either HCDE or Informatics. I've previously worked with Knowledge as Power on the usability testing for Seattle City Light. I enjoy programming, and have some experience with Python and Java. I'm an avid snowboarder, film enthusiast, and love to travel.

Leilani Esther Roylo

I am a senior at the University of Washington studying Human Centered Design and Engineering, with a focus in Human Computer Interaction. I enjoy user research and hope to gain more experience in design in the near future. My hope is that this project will help to create opportunities for future careers in user experience design and research. In my spare time I love to play volleyball and tennis and dance hula.

Brett Burnside

I’m a long time resident of Seattle and currently pursuing a Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering at University of Washington focusing in user research and usability testing. I’m interested in exploring experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds and my hope is that I can use the skills I’m developing at UW to do my part to make the world a better place.

Lucie Wu

My name is Lucie and I am a master's student at the University of Washington as part of Human Centered Design and Engineering. I'm passionate about psychology, research and design. My goal is to become a user experience researcher/designer. Other interests of mine include vintage shops, blogging, and podcasts.

Will Richey

I'm passionate about aesthetics and the process of design, and want to develop my understanding and skills in an interaction design or UX internship. I am also concentrating my studies in Human Computer Interaction.

Studying Human Centered Design has shown me the importance of integrating design and research to create a user centered product.

I have always had an interest in the industrial design field, so working to determine how a product will meet the users requirements while making a tasteful product is of particular interest to me. This would include the creative side of product design: such as research, prototyping, designing, and testing.

In my off time I really enjoy running and exercise, and have recently developed an interest in healthy cooking.

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Links and More Info

Sarah Schacht, an open government expert, is the only member of the public on the committee overseeing the redesign of King County’s restaurant inspection scores. This led her to commission this study, in order to bring feedback from the public into the process. However, beyond initializing the study, Sarah is not involved in running it. If you would like to learn more about her work, and interest in restaurant inspections, there is a short video below from Ignite Seattle which provides more background.

Sarah Schacht - I Got E. Coli so You Don't Have To