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  • Memories of LLDS
  • Clash of the erm-Exchange People? - Exchange Fair 1.0
  • Unilever comes to campus
  • Finding the next President - LCP Application & Election
  • Departmental Updates
  • Ah Chow Shares
  • Sugar Cubes

LLDS 2014

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LLDS has definitely showed me that I did the right decision in giving AIESEC a chance to push myself out of my comfort zone. The instant bond we shared within seconds among members, endless square dancing and fun we had together and the boost of confidence and encouragement we gained just in 3 days just made it a great experience at the best point of my life.


First of all I should say I didn’t really know what to expect, but looking back it was probably one of the best-spent weekends in uni so far. Over the course of the weekend I got to know a bunch of amazing people among both seniors and fellow juniors. We had many great activities non-stop and I think it's safe to say we all developed somewhat by the end of the seminar, for example I learned a few things about the significance of being an AIESECer and my role in a team.


The LLDS experience is something that not only reached my expectation,but beyond my imagination. It had gave me a spark to go for my dream. Although it was just a 3 day conference, the spirit and memory will stick with me forever because I am so glad and proud to be part of this big warm family. Once AIESECer, forever AIESECer.

Wei Shyang

Words from a Faci

I think I can say this on behalf of the junior track faci team when I say it has been a great pleasure to see all of you grow during the conference itself. Some of us were in search of inspiration and you lot inspired us, so thank you. Can't wait to see what you guys can achieve together.


OC's Most Memorable Moments

Exchange Fair 1.0

The Careers Office organised an Exchange Abroad event and ER secured us a booth in it. MarComm, PM and NCR collaborated together to showcase our iGCP projects and volunteer opportunities abroad through AIESEC.

Unilever on campus!

Put your hands together to team ER and all the members who were at the booth for making the event successful. This is the first time in Malaysia where Unilever held an on campus event bringing in and promoting their brands and delivered a keynote speech too.

LCP Elections

The application for local committee president is out and elections will take place on

Date : 22nd November 2014

Time : TBA

Venue : TBA

Why you should attend Elections?

1. Witness the next LCP for the coming term.
2. Take ownership to question your next LCP.
3. Understand the process of AIESEC elections.


Departmental Updates


ER has just wrapped up an event, which is a campus activation for AIESEC in Malaysia Development Partner - Unilever! Unilever One Amazing Day has successfully drawn a big crowd to their brand carousel in SA Circle which provided UNMC students a platform to understand about Unilever, to seek for opportunities in Unilever, to network with Unilever HR team, and of course, to get free samples of Cornetto ice cream and Lipton tea!

In the evening, we had 130 turn-ups for the UniLeader Talk in which the leaders in Unilever were there to share their Unilever journey and experience and to introduce more about Unilever Future Leaders Program and Unilever Leadership Internship Program.

Unilever One Amazing Day would not be a success without the great teamwork and synergy between ER and MarComm. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to all who helped out for putting in their greatest efforts in coordinating with SA, lecture bashing and online marketing to make this event happen and deliver an overall good experience to our partner and students! *clap clap clap*

There were a lot of ups and downs in organizing this event, however the team is determined in facing all the challenges we had and eliminated them because we truly believe that: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor!



  • FL Department meeting 1.0 happened in McDonald Semenyih!

  • Exchange fair’s cash flow plan was handled by Maggie Yaw. Excellent job for exchange fair PICs for being cost effective by using only RM45.25 expenditure turn into 92 sign ups.

Special Mentions :



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  • Departmental Training

We have done 3rd training for this week which we have covered Introduction of iGTP, sales and matching! Now, everyone have some

knowledge about GTP and are pumped up with the excitement ahead of us!

  • Appointments

Before an appointment happens, all of them tries to cold call. Some had bad experiences, some were fine but this is how a sales starts off. However, CRians are still challenging themselves to make more cold call and boost their confidence by speaking through phone too!

After first week of training, our members started to take up the opportunity to meet companies *YAYYYY* They were prompted to introduce AIESEC infront of the CEO or founders of the company. I was told some of them were so nervous but it has given them a new experience to expose to.

Everyone of them have unique experiences made up by different elements eg. places, environment, energy, people etc. So do ask them personally to know how their first appointment or cold call experience seemed like!



We also had our very first meeting whereby people were updated about what NCR was, what we were doing at that time, what projects we had and what the plan in the future was. For now, Intern Management team are well-trained and ready to welcome EPs for our winter peak period. They also have their own EP Buddy system. Want to know what EP Buddy do *blink blink, kindly approach our Intern Management people *hoohaa :D :D.

Feedback and Expansion team are sooooo effective. They already finished their second sub-departmental meeting. They are working on implementing Job Descriptions for Share The Future project as well as doing market research to find out more and more potential NGOs to form partnership. Last but not least, they are working on creating a new project as well. *hoohaa :D :D

For the last words, I would like to thank my wonderful team for always cheering and supporting me. I would like to thank my lovely senior for coordinating with everyone as well as being hard-working even though you are so busy with final year stuffs.


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  • We had our first department meeting together with oGTP! YAY!
  • What the On-Campus department members are working on right now:

- December Exchange Fair (With the main objective to create awareness of oGCP)

- Nottingham Advantage Award (Global Citizen Programme might be introduced as one of the NAA modules!)

  • Out-Campus Exchange

Our #OCR team had their first appointment with Kolej Tunku Jaafar! More follow-ups to be done, also the team willl be having further engagement with other universities like:

*INTI International University, Nilai

*UTAR Sg.Long


  • LLDS

LLDS was held 2 weeks ago at Woodvalley Resort, Hulu Langat from 24th-26th of October. Special thanks to the chair, facilitator and the OC team for working hard to make this happen. They had put in their blood, sweat and tears just to ensure this conference is a memorable one for all of us!

  • AG

We successfully held our very first AIESEC Gathering held together for the juniors! Looking forward for our upcoming AG? Stay tuned for our announcement in Facebook group and email in future! :)

  • MyLDS

Missed out LLDS when you joined AIESEC few weeks ago? Missing all your favourite square dances and sugar cube moments during LLDS? So MyLDS 2015 is a must-go conference for everyone! Please mark your calendar down as the conference will be held from 20th-26th of January 2015 at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar (MyLDS) is the largest annual conference organised by AIESEC in Malaysia aim to develop action-oriented youth towards a united Malaysia. Please like their Facebook page to know more: ttps://

  • Personal Development Plan

Don't know exactly what to do or where to head towards after joining AIESEC? Wanted to look for more opportunities but don't know who to approach? Interested to go for exchange next summer but don't know how? Well I have a good news for you guys!

Our leaders of AIESEC in UNMC will be going to draft your own personal development plan for your whole year in AIESEC. Remember to talk to your directors or VPs to arrange a time for this and don't feel worried to approach us, we don't bite!

Ah Chow

Warning : Okay next we have a long ass message which might look boring. I feel you. I didn't want to read it in the beginning but I did and it made some good sense. So please do.

Ah Chow shares ...

There is this story about an AIESEC-er's exchange experience in Korea.

Her exchange experience was not like most of the others, where they happen to experience what they should till the end of their exchange programme. She faced some difficulties throughout her exchange but she never gave up. Yes you are right, her name is Candice and she is currently part of our senior members in TM department right now.

" She was not that active last year as a junior. "

" Are you sure you want to take her in your department? "

Those are the familiar sentences that I heard when I got elected as a VP and starting to form my team. Honestly speaking, the decision made by me during that time was not convincing enough. After getting to know more about what she had experienced in Korea, I start to realize the changes in her and she wanted to contribute back to this organisation. From that moment, I got inspired for what I've been doing all this time and this somehow motivates me to do more.

We always tend to forget why does this organisation exist in the first place. Trust me, you and I will be focusing too much on what we can do in AIESEC from time to time instead of why we do in AIESEC, in future. How many of us will really question what we do all the time? Just an example, why are the members in FL preparing budgets and looking into financing all the time? Why are the members in MarComm doing marketing and promotions whenever there is an event? Do they really enjoy for the sake of doing it? How does that relate to our exchange participant's experience or even our vision which is peace & fulfillment of humankind's potential?

I spent most of my junior year in AIESEC doing intern servicing for the interns in PM and NCR even though I was in TM department. For those who never being through exchange, how many of us really sit down and ask them about their experience? No matter their experience is good or bad, what I got is at least an answer for myself. The more exchange participants that I talked to, the clearer answer I can get for me myself. This will somehow lead us to the last question which is does exchange really create IMPACT on others? At the end of the day, there will still be people who don't believe it and people who believe it and I respect that. But the problem is, do we really make time to find out the answers for ourselves?

So I will end my sharing by questioning the juniors, do you know why are you doing what you doing? To the seniors, why are you still here?

E-Sugar Cubes

AIESEC Babiess

To our future leaders in AIESEC UNMC, be brave, take charge in your life and bring the life changing experience to every person you meet. Life is short so live young, wild and free! Keep those AIESEC passion and fire burning as this will be a beginning to the most exciting journey of your lives!
XoXo Buckle Up!



I know LCP is always a lone ranger and might feel lonely most of the time but just to let you know, you have the whole LC to back you up! Keep on going and we will make you proud! :)

Wei Li

I know it has been very busy and tiring for you. Cheer up and stay positive. Know that you have your friends who will always support you. Turn to your friends whenever you need, you do not have to bear everything by yourself. Stay strong and always be happy! :))))


Things may be a little bit more difficult for you to cope with AIESEC work and your studies. But do know that you are an amazing girl, believe in yourself and what you can do. Take some time to give yourself a break yo….take care and you can always talk to me when you want to. :)))


Great work for the Unilever talk yesterday. I think the career office guy is super duper happy because you guys managed to make it a full house hence the big big smile on the fella's face. Keep it up! :D

Jia Jun

Thanks for all the hard work from info session to induction booklet! Have faith in yourself and with a little more confidence, you can really shineee! :)


Hey AIESEC! It has been quite hectic for us over the past few weeks. This is just a random message for all. Do what you love and love what you do. Believe in yourself. Take good care and all the best! <3


Hey girl! :)
I've seen you changed so much after you were back from exchange. Keep the spirit up you girl! There is so much potential that could be unleashed on you!

Gwee + Yuin

Thank you for always being with me throughout this few months after we start our term. Although there might be more challenges coming ahead, but I believe we can breakthrough the challenge and achieve our goal in the end! All the best my beloved sexy pegweey team <3 Lots of love.


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