Summer Reading 2016

For the Love of Literature

For the Love of Our Students

The Learning Network: Teaching and Learning with the New York Times

"Every Friday from June 17 to Aug. 19 (the Learning Network) will pose the same question: What interested you most in The Times this week? Why?

Anyone 13 to 19 years old from anywhere in the world can post an answer any week until Friday, Aug. 26, and contestants can choose from any Times article, essay, video, interactive or photograph published in 2016, on any topic they like.

Every Tuesday starting July 5 we will announce winners from a previous week and publish their writing on the blog."

The 7th Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest

For the Love of Our Teachers

More Summer Learning and Reading Opportunities!

Grab Bag of eBooks!

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The suggestions and ideas in this flyer have been a collaboration of great minds. I appreciate all of the great ideas from my fellow teachers and friends! Thank you for sharing!