5th grade news!

What's going on?!


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' "

- MLK Jr.

No school Monday!

James C. Haile Tournament starts tonight!

Upcoming Tests: Spelling (Feb 5th- see info below)


I have very much enjoyed our book club discussions! We will be finishing these up next week.

This week we have spent time reading and discussing character traits, setting, theme, and more. Classes have been split up into groups, with each group having a different book. We are treating these like a book club, that they are reading together, with guided reading strategies thrown in too! I am going to a two day conference at the end of the month to learn more about guided reading and writing.

Like I said In December, we no longer have weekly spelling tests, however I said there may be one from time to time. Below are words that will be tested on February 5th. That gives us several weeks to study these words in and out of class! These are words that I've kept a list of that have are commonly misspelled in our class writing assignments.

1. dying

2. friends

3. environment

4. government

5. there

6. they're

7. their

8. believe

9. too

10. to

11. countries

12. exciting

Your AR Goal for the quarter is 100,000 words.


WOW! Is all I can say about the Solar System Projects. We are all so proud and impressed with your children's hard work and creativity! The hallway is just beautiful!!!

Next week we will continue our study of Space....

***PLEASE have the App 'Night Sky Lite' by iCandi downloaded for next week. This a decent FREE app that can be fun for constellations.


Continuing ratios :)


We are still studying the divided kingdom :)