Callahan's Corner

7th Edition (I think??)


Woohoo!! We have completed our first OSOB! What an awesome experience for everyone involved! The kids are already asking if we will do another book, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks to all of you who helped with the planning of the events and making of the quizzes, and thanks Taylor and Kimo for that end of book video! Great finale! I will wait to draw for the 3 fuzzy wuzzy hamsters on Tuesday as some of you indicated you wanted to do the whole book quiz on Monday. Please send those names down on the yellow tags by the end of the day on Monday!

We completed the FIRST NINE WEEKS of the 15 - 16 School Year!! YAY!!! Awesome job EVERYONE!!!

Great job of keeping up with Monday Mail and Classroom Newsletters! We are receiving our copies with diligence! I know your families appreciate the info.


Teachers: Grades are due for the 9 weeks by 8:00am on Monday morning (tomorrow). I will be checking this evening to see that all grade combinations are correct (ie. right number in each category) so that grades compute accurately.

I will share the Bus Safety Video with you via Google Drive. You will need to watch this video with your class prior to coming to Bus Safety (on the buses) on Friday morning. You will have an assigned time and bus number for Friday morning (30 minutes). Will share soon!


Communicate with your parents about HONOR's ASSEMBLIES!!! 2nd & 3rd grade on October 28th at 8:30am, and 4th and 5th grade on October 28th at 9:30am. Normally, parents would have received their report cards by then and would know to come. They will not have this time. Make sure you send a note specifically to the parents of ALL students who WILL receive even just one award. Don't just send the times of the assemblies as they won't know about their child specifically. We do awards for all A's, all A's & B's (must have at least one A), Perfect Attendance, and Excellent Conduct. Also, Mrs. Wenzel will give out the Values awards and I will give the Principal's awards. Please don't neglect making a parent aware of an award. Your assembly information will be due on Wednesday this week. I'll send out the form for that this evening.

We are sharing TONS of EMAILS via "County Line Group". I know I'm guilty, too!! Please try to use this cautiously as it does tend to clutter up our inboxes. If you have info that needs to go out to everyone, by all means, use it!! But..... If you need something passed on that can wait until my weekly Friday newsletter (sorry it's Sunday this week because I've been having a blast with pink eye for a few days), please stop by and I'll add it to my list. Also, remember that "County LIne Group" includes LOTS of EXTRA people in the district, eg. Amy W, Catherine A, Lupita M, etc--all the EXTRA curricular peeps, sped peeps and so on. If you are just looking to reach out to CLE, you might take a moment to create a CLE Campus only group. I am happy to share a roster with you so you don't miss anyone!


Oct 15 - 21: CAN THE COUGARS food drive

Oct 19: Grades due by 8:00am

Oct 19: 5th graders to Symphony

Oct 21: Unity Day (wear ORANGE)

Oct 23: Bus Safety (schedule shared soon)

Oct 26 - 30: Red Ribbon Week (Kalisha shared event schedule)

Please share these dates in your newsletters. Do not give times yet as your lunch time may change!

Nov 19: Grandfriend's Day (PK, KInder & 1st grade)

Nov 20: Grandfriend's Day (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade)


Please continue to keep Brenda and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Her dad continues to rally on!

Classroom Teachers: I will be thinking of all of you and praying you have wisdom, compassion and confidence as you meet with your families over these next two weeks. I know conferences are never easy, but they can be so beneficial to student success!! Thanks, in advance, for all you will do to prepare and deliver your messages!!