The Patrick Henry Post

December 16th, 2022

The Final Regular Edition of The Patrick Henry Post in 2022

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Saying Farewell to 2022

As we count down to only two days left in this semester, we are ready to reflect on some of the amazing things that have happened this year.

A few highlights from the staff include:

  • "Watching Andrew in 3rd grade help preschoolers from Ms. Teresa's class with water breaks and transitions out of their classroom."
  • "Receiving offers of support from colleagues throughout the entire semester for lunch duty coverage, bathroom breaks, extra copies, last minute supply requests. etc."
  • "Connecting with staff of different grade levels and specialties and learning to be a better teacher because of it."
  • "Our new staff members rock! They're the best, seriously, the best."
  • "I like that I've got people on this team who are in this work for real and it's really encouraging to know we are in it together."

A few highlights from our students include:

  • "Getting to know the teachers at this school because I'm new and I didn't know anyone at first but they're all really nice."
  • "Making friends!"
  • "Running around in the gym! OMG it is so fun."
  • "Playing with my friends at recess."
  • "Centers centers centers. I love centers."
  • "Growing in my reading score. I am really proud of that."
  • "Halloween was so cool."
  • "I liked the nacho days at lunch."
  • "That one day that we got to have a party because we all did so good on our reading tests and it was, like, the best day ever."
  • "I got to see Santa for the first time ever and I made sure he was coming to my house for Christmas. He said he would be there!"
  • "I just really like math every day."
  • "All the science stuff - yeah we even got to make birdhouses this year!"
  • "The comfy chairs. I looooooooove when we get to read in the comfy chairs."
  • "My backpack is so awesome."
  • "I liked getting my coat!"
  • "The toy drive was my favorite day."
  • "My teacher! I love her!"

A few highlights for Dr. Rogers include:

  • Welcoming new and returning staff back to school in August, and seeing the collaboration and passionate spirit in every team member.
  • Reconnecting with our returning students and families and seeing how much they have grown in such a short time.
  • Meeting our new students and new families and building strong relationships.
  • Gaining new community partners and fostering past partnerships to ensure our students are taken care of in every way possible.
  • Watching our students make enormous growth in reading and math in just one semester of learning.
  • Connecting with kids, seeing them laugh and play, and knowing they are safe and learning every day at Patrick Henry.

I hope all of our families and partners take the time before the New Year to reflect on the beautiful things that have happened this fall. Thank you for being a part of this school community, you make this an incredible place to work. Have a wonderful Winter Break!

Thank you, Community Partners!

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Mike Raeber's Toy Drive

This week, our students had an amazing surprise waiting for them - shopping for toys and meeting Santa! For many of our students, this was the first time ever meeting Santa in person because of Covid restrictions in previous years. The smiles, cries of surprise, and pure joy were palpable as kids skipped through the gym to choose presents and take photos with Santa. Mr. Mike Raeber of Equity Financial Services, Inc. organizes this event for Patrick Henry every year, coordinating the donation of hundreds of toys and a team of volunteers to make this a smooth event for our school. We are so thankful for the experience, and for this continued partnership that serves our students and families in tangible ways every year!

One of the best parts of this experience is that Mr. Raeber brings with him a team of volunteers who walk 1:1 with a student through the maze of available toys. They always make a point to introduce themselves and get to know the student as they shop, asking for their likes, dislikes, and interests so that they find just the right toys for the holiday season. The toys were all organized by type, so kids had the opportunity to go for the dolls, stuffed animals (or "squishies" as we have started calling them), sports equipment, action figures, and even giant dinosaurs! Giving our students choice was one of the best parts of the day, and it was even more fun with a personal shopper to assist them.

Thank you to Mike Raeber and his team for this incredible donation! Thank you also to Ms. Shanice Webb and Ms. Kelsey Jones from Patrick Henry for running this event and ensuring all students were able to participate. What an amazing send-off for our Winter Break!

Final Phase in the Garden Concrete Project

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Garden Concrete Project Update

This week, we completed our garden concrete project. We poured concrete between the garden beds in order to create a fully accessible garden for all students, staff, neighbors, and volunteers. Originally, our garden's ground was too uneven for wheelchairs, walkers, and uneven walking gaits to maneuver safely. With the help of our community partners, we have been able to make this accessible to all people regardless of physical ability. The Cement Team also repaired all of our garden beds along the way, ensuring the concrete sealed everything in so that the beds will survive for years to come.

We are so proud of the final product and this major improvement to one of Patrick Henry's treasures! Thank you to our partners who made this possible:

  • Scott Downs, Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, Cement Mason's Union Local 527
  • Jeff Caputa, Instructor with Cement Mason's Union Local 527
  • Diana Wilhold, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Construction Forum
  • Leanne White, Director of Healthy Schools Initiatives, St. Louis Public Schools
  • Denise Strehlow, Manager, BJC School Outreach and Youth Development
  • Erica Oliver, Community Health Partner, BJC Healthcare

Highlights from Spirit Month

Upcoming Events

December 19th and 20th: No Afterschool

All afterschool programming is closed for the afternoon of December 19th and December 20th. Please plan to pick up your child between 2:52pm and 3:07pm outside on the blacktop. Preschool - 2nd Grade will be located by the playground near Door #3, and 3rd - 5th Grade will be located on the blacktop near Door #9.

December 21st - January 3rd: Winter Break

All SLPS schools will be closed starting on Wednesday, December 21st. We will remain closed through Tuesday, January 3rd. Our first day of school will be Wednesday, January 3rd. We wish everyone a safe and fun Winter Break!

January 4th: First Day of School

All SLPS schools will start 3rd quarter on Wednesday, January 4th. We hope to see you there to start off a month of perfect attendance!