Benifits of Chickpea cookies

Chickpeas, Oatmeal, and Chocolate Benefits.

Chickpea Benefits

Chickpeas are an extremely healthy source of food and they also contain protein. One cup of chickpeas contain 50% of your daily potassium, 21% of your calcium, 62% iron, 56% of you vitamin B-6. They also help fight diabetes.


Oats contain a wonderful source of dietary fiber. This type of fiber has been know to lower high cholesterol. They also contain many different types of minerals. They also lower the risk of artery diseases. Although oats have been know to contain trace amounts of gluten, so they aren't considered a gluten free food. Different kinds of oats include steel cut, old fashioned, quick, and instant. Steel cut oats are oats that are cut my a steel machine. Old Fashioned oats are the same as rolled oats and they cook faster than steel cut oats. Quick oats are thinner than old fashioned ones and cook faster.


Chocolate contains a variety of other important vitamins and minerals, and even the fats in chocolate seem to have neutral or even positive effects on cholesterol levels. It could also help alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome, help control blood pressure, and regulate the clotting response in the bloodstream. Dark Chocolate is the most nutritional out of milk and white chocolate. The less that the coco bean is treated the healthier it is. Milk chocolate is in between dark and white chocolate. It might have a better flavor but it is not as healthy as dark. White chocolate is the most unhealthy of them all. White chocolate contains no cocoa.