Stop Animals from extinction

By Doreen Kujji

Stop Animal Extinction

An Endangered animal is a class of animals that are almost becoming extinct because of habitat destruction, Climate change or even because they are being killed all caused by us humans.

Endangered Rainforest animals:




Lion Tamarind Monkey


Poison Dart Frogs

Bald Eagles


and many more !

ways you can stop animal from being from Extinction:

-Stop killing and hunting down animals for their Furs and skin. Many animals are being killed such as Leopards, Cheetahs, Jaguars and snakes so they can make Clothing out of their skins

- Stop destroying wild animals habitat. Many Animals habitat are being destroyed by us and they have no where else to go.

And also, to stop using animals for experiments. Many Animals are being used for Experiments and testers so they could use them on humans once they work, such as Plastic sugary.

Animals suffer from these things and they end up dying and once you know it, they are extinct. Within 5 years Many more animals are going to become very extinct and we are going to have less of them then their recent score.

All Animals are Important to us. So lets stop killing and hunting Animals for their Fur and using them for Experiments and also destroying their habitat and forest home.

Stop Animal Extinction (2012 Project)