3rd Grade's a HOOT!

May 16 - 20, 2016

3rd Grade Update

As we are winding down the year, it is very important that students continue to give their best effort. We will be doing lots of different things, but we can only do these if students cooperate by listening and doing their personal best.

All textbooks are being turned in May 17. Please return all library books as soon as possible.

I wanted to share that I have the opportunity to be a math coach next year. I have not told the kids yet, but we will likely discuss it during CREW meeting tomorrow. While I am very excited about the opportunity, it does mean that I will be leaving MGE. I will be half-time at Oak Grove Elementary and half-time at White Knoll Elementary. It is a wonderful opportunity for my professional growth. I do want to say that I have enjoyed my time with your sweet children. We have learned so much together this year and I feel they are well prepared for 4th grade. I could not have asked for a better group to spend this year with. They all hold a special place in my heart.

Don't forget the Blowfish reading log is due Friday!


We are currently reading aloud Slacker by Gordon Korman. Students are also working with a buddy to read a chapter book of their choice and create chapter summaries in "match books." We will then create a lapbook displaying all of their match books.

Current Skill Focus - character, setting, plot, summary

Writing - We are writing in our journals reflecting on different aspects of our year in 3rd grade.

Encourage your child to complete their independent reading each night.


We will be having our test on Chapter 10 exploring Measurement and Data this Thursday. Students have gotten their study guides and I will plan to have a study session Thursday morning at 7 am for those who would like to attend. This will be our last test in math.

Over the summer, please have your child continue to work on their multiplication tables. The better they know their facts, the easier 4th grade math will be. It will make their new teacher very happy to see how hard they worked in 3rd grade.


We have begun our unit on electricity. As I have told the students, this is the first time I have taught this. We are doing a lot of hands-on experiments. During this unit, it very important that students pay careful attention to directions. We have discussed this and students are expected to follow directions the first time. While all of the experiments that we are doing are safe, students who neglect to following directions the first time will go to the "observation deck." Essentially, they will lose the opportunity to participate in the activity for the day and will have to watch what is going on without being able to touch the materials. This is for the safety of the students and materials that I have to use with this unit. We started talking about magnets today. Students will also learn how to create a circuit to light up a light bulb and create an electromagnet. It should be an exciting learning experience for us all. Please just encourage your child to be sure they follow directions so they can fully participate in our activities.

SC History

We will be moving to working primarily in the newspapers at this point.

Other Notes

Don't forget to check and sign your child's agenda each night. Encourage them to write neatly so you can read what they should be doing. Every child should be able to communicate what they are doing in class.

Purple folders come home on Wednesday. Please make sure you are reviewing the papers and signing the folder each week. The folders are due back to school by Friday.