All Fired Up

The Brick Oven- Faith Millholland

Welcome to the BRICK OVEN!

Bob and Christy Watts welcome you to their new restaurant in Rock Spring, GA. What you can find here is pizza cooked in a beautiful brick oven and a friendly atmosphere. The menu is a little different than your basic pizza joint, but this is no basic pizza. Prepare to introduce yourself to how pizza should taste. Hot, fresh and fast. And better than those other boxed pizzas to go, come in and give us a try today, and one more thing...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Saddle Ridge Day @ The Brick Oven

Monday, Dec. 9th, 11am-8pm

27 Rock Springs Lake Dr

Carrollton, GA

This is a fundraiser for Saddle Ridge. The school will receive 10% of the today's sales.